Jul 252009


I can’t remember who wanted the picture of Henry kissing me, but here are TWO for the price of ONE. Clearly, you can see that Henry and I have never kissed before. In fact, he wanted to creep on over to You Tube for some instructional videos.

“Maybe I should call Blake for advice,” he mused. But there was no time for that lollygagging.

“Stop being a blumpkin and just put your lips in a pucker-type thing,” I yelled.

“People are totally going to know that we are only fake-dating and that our child was grown in a pod,” he fretted.


And here is the requested MySpace pic. I’m going to add it to my MySpace with pc4pc as the caption. Look at how downtrodden Henry looks. I beat him with barbed wire at night and then he crawls into work the next day, he lies and chalks it up to another wild night at the S&M club.

My bangs are greasier than Alisha after a romp with a crippled MRSA’d streetwalker in the back of a fried chicken joint on a humid Arkansas day, because I am STRESSED.

  3 Responses to “#26 We Pose for Our Hoes”

  1. Alisha and I were out front when this supposedly occurred. So there’s really no way for us to confirm that this is really Henry and Erin.
    We think they used two stand ins for the pose. We’re not sure. We just don’t trust them obviously, that’s why we think these are two dummies or two pod people that look like them or maybe an illusion.

    Yeah. I think they’re really good at faking stuff. Like the fake kissing thingie.

    Ya know? Do you? Really?

  2. Awwwww.

    You’re not kissing him back. Did he forget to brush?

  3. Aw. Cute :)

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