Jan 212008

Well, I made it an hour and eighteen minutes here at work before calling Collin a name, and I don’t even have the satisfaction of saying it was for using something awesome, like "dickgagger" or "albinoblower." No, I called him the very vanilla G-rated insult of "jerk." What is this, 1946? Jeepers, I’m progressive. I think that this shouldn’t count.

  18 Responses to “I Looze”

  1. that doesn’t count!


  2. That was just a practice run, it totally doesnt count. Your week starts now!

  3. Jerk is an insult?

  4. I’m sorry cereal, but by the power vested in me by our 17 year old mayor, that name does in fact count…..you lose.

  5. Golly gee, you and your cussing, Erin. Bullying in the workplace is frowned upon! But I think you can overlook it this once. =)

    • OINORITE?!?!

      First, I’m fake. Then a liar who likes the Cure. Now I’m a CUSSER too.

      I should just kill myself. If I didn’t have so many BBFs I just might.

    • Erin, you dont have bffs, you have cult members remember?
      Time to get back to cutting yourself like the depressed 13 year old you try to be! :P

      And GASP at the horror. Had I known you were a cusser I never would have become a member. Time to find the koolaid, I cant live with this anymore!!

  6. jerk isn’t an insult, because thats his title. like… mr. or misses… he’s Jerk Collin, so it’s cool.

  7. I say you didn’t call him a name, you called him a verb which is not name calling at all!

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