Jan 222008

Last night, I accused Kim of having a crush on this dude Jonathon who sits clear on the other side of the building but when he comes over to visit, she adopts a voice that we don’t hear when she’s speaking to us, her lowly employees.

Collin disagrees about Kim having a special "Hey baby" voice and claims that she’s used the same dulcet tones on him before, but Collin is also widely known for flattering himself.

After spreading this new sordid rumor via email, Kim came over to check on us and when she casually mentioned Jonathon in conversation, I promptly burst into childish giggles. She of course became struck by paranoia and kept asking, "No seriously, are you laughing at me?"

Finally I blurted out, "I think you have a crush on Jonathon!"

Her face quickly flushed and she spat out limp denials. "He’s only like, twenty-five!"

But the color of her cheeks gave away her true feelings. Then she made a slanderous remark about how I get a crush on every guy who walks through the door.  I vehemently denied this and turned to Eleanore to back me up. "No you don’t babe," Eleanore mumbled with little interest. "Just every other."


Henry and I are going to the roller derby bout on Saturday and we’re tentatively calling it a date. Hopefully I’ll get a crush on him by then. Perhaps if he walks through the door here something will develop, according to Kim.

  13 Responses to “According to Kim”

  1. oh how cute about the date!!!
    if you want a crush on henry just look at his calves and his socks… that’s what i do!

    i like e’s response.

  2. if it doesn’t, just get him to walk through the door a second time….

    that way he will be ‘every other’, too.

  3. hey, even if you don’t ever develop a crush on henry…
    he’s like… such a safe bet.
    you’ll never have to worry about another woman having a crush on him.

  4. Erin and Henry sitting in the tree

    I like Merry’s suggestion of him walking through the door twice. It ought to work, right?

    Who’s watching the Chooch? Or are you attempting to take him back again?

  5. Make sure he walks in on the heels of a less desirable specimin. Like Collin, maybe?

  6. See? You totally called it. You know all about crushes and you know one when you see one.

    Like me and Glenn. ;)

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