Jul 252009

My posse is too busy having a meeting of the LAME CLUB in the living room and you know what, that’s fine.

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Because I got a sandwich. I made it myself. Between the hearty grain slices are slices of American cheese and PICKLES. Mama likes her some PICKLES.

Here, have some pictures of me fellating my sandwich. It felt good. It felt good for BOTH of us. The rest of those skank ass hoes in the living room can get fucked, but it won’t be with a delicious sandwich, I’ll tell you that right now.

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They’re over there waxing about Pennsylvanian accents. I mean, really? Me and my sammamish for lyfe. Fuck the haters in the living room.

sandwich2I be gettin’ down with the pickle. Teabag my lips, bitch. Do it right. Let your juice run down, whut whut.

I am supa annoyed right now. Supa supa. It’s OK, I enjoy entertaining myself.

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Have yo’ lame hoe down in my living room.

  5 Responses to “#31 Sandwich”

  1. I’m laughing so hard my butt is jiggling.

    Where’d you get those plumpie lips? I’mma buy me some!

  2. I was eating cold pasta the other day and thought of you. Not frozen, mind you, but nonetheless…

  3. and I thought Henry+ couscous was hot

  4. Yeah, what the fuck is the deal with that crazy Pennsylvania accent?

  5. Bahahahahah, nice.

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