Jul 262009


This one is for my LJ pal NotBatman. When I told Henry who requested it, he said, “Yeah well I’m NotDoingIt.” He reminded me that he’s old and that it “might really hurt” him. I was like, “Yeah, that’s what I’m hoping for, Papa.”

Obviously he did it because I rule the roost.

  6 Responses to “#35 Underoo Somersaultin’ in Chooch’s Bed”

  1. I guess hanging upside down was too much to ask?
    Unlike the “doing a nice thing for you” part?

  2. Heeeeeeeeeeee!

  3. Oh, see? We might need a print of that! For reals. On that fancy silvery paper stuff?

    I love it!

    We can work out details when its convenient because there might me more than just that.

    Sorry about the lack of comments during blogathon itself – we read when we could, but it was a busy weekend.

    Great job and congratulations!

    • Thanks, man! No worries about the comments, you guys supported me in enough ways! :)

      Oh my god, I had so much fun getting Henry to do this. I wanted to try to do the one with him making eyes at Chris too, but Henry wasn’t really home most of the day (he’s a smart man) and when he did come home, Chris wasn’t there. I think I will still try to do it though!

      I would die if you really wanted a print of this, lol. No, HENRY would die. I would just laugh!

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