Jul 262009

I just wanna be your everythingVote for my rendition!

OK I did this one while Alisha and Blake went to the store and it is now clear to me that they make me suck because THIS ONE IS SO MUCH MORE GOODERER.

Andy Gibb really makes me shine. Especially when I can’t remember how to get back down from all those high note thingers. Apparently this is something that works really well to attract felines, because all of mine were circling my feet with raised fur.

I let Blake and Alisha listen to it when they came home and this is what happened:

Alisha: And who wanted you to sing this?

Erin: My friend Andrea.

Alisha: Andrea is no longer my friend.

[After the song ended] Alisha: Wow, Erin. You took it there.

Anyway,  all you Erin haters should be in schadenfreude heaven right now, throwing confetti and guzzling champagne  because this shit is a bitch and I am crying on the inside.

EDITED TO ADD: After my fourth listen of this, I’m certain I could have a shot at stardom in Muppet Town.

  9 Responses to “#40 I Just Want To Be Your Everything: For Andrea!!”

  1. I think I just pissed myself. Oh no. That was John.

  2. you are so freakin awesome…I got a little teary at the fabulousness of it.
    I so have to figure out how to make that into my ring tone.

    My gay bff and I used to sing this everyday on the way to school. He would get all bitchy and tell me I was supposed to sing the harmony.

  3. Amazing.

  4. my sister just asked me wtf was that, and then continued to say… this girl is my soulmate. she’s impressed, as am i.

  5. Holy shit, I don’t remember this song being so goddamn long.

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