Jul 262009

To preface: This is from a really shitty vacation I took to shitty Ocracoke back in 2006 with a really shitty woman and her decent husband. We stayed in a little beach house that was smack dab in rapist village. There were no street lights anywhere. It was scary. Even for me and I am a hardcore un-afraid person.



  8 Responses to “#43 More Vacation Journal Crap As Chosen By Alisha”

  1. I remember her! This trip! I kind of wondered if she’d been sucked up by a Civil War time travel worm.

    I donated!

    • It was like The Trip I Couldn’t Talk About because it was mostly just a bad time, and she and I went through the awkward motions of pretending to be friends for like, mths after that. But I was always itching to tell the real story. Someday I will post all of it!

      And thank you so much for donating, I love you!!

  2. OMG YESSSS! I always used to write my journal in purple pen. Soul sisters.

  3. Awww. I love the Outer Banks. We never stayed on Ocracoke, only visited. It was a littlebitcreepy. I love the lighthouse, and the beaches are gorgeous. Did you visit the northern parts of OBX, like Corolla or Duck?

  4. This one made me Tolhurst a lot. Star Trek viewing indeed.

  5. I remember this era. So glad she’s not in your life anymore.

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