Jul 262009

I went through a lot of trouble to get this done for you, Kara and Chris. Using a video camera was the only way I could get a decent audio recording but there was no way I was allowing Alisha to actually film me. Not with the death-glaze coating  my face and my hair, slick with stress-grease.

It was exhausting. Alisha said, “Yeah, I imagine mumbling all those words was hard.” But she probably said it much more stupidly than that. I try to re-write her dialogue to make her look smart. I was really excited about the Toronto part (maybe you could tell) because that is where JAY HOGART is from.


  2 Responses to “#47 Snow can suck one”

  1. For what its worth, you totally did a better job than I ever could have! I didnt even know the song had real words!

  2. Seriously…you did better than I ever could with that song. Heh!

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