Aug 022009

Since last fall, I’ve been a proud member of the finest damn street team on Etsy: Etsy’s Dark Side.

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There are hundreds are insanely talented and fascinating artists over there and it has been such a great experience getting to know some of them and just overall being affiliated with such a tight web (har har) of Etsiers. In an effort to give back, I decided to start writing features on individual members and I knew immediately who I wanted to inaugurate this budding venture: my friend Andrea of Mrs.Evils fame.

A few months back, I had mentioned Chooch’s (random) obsession with Ben Franklin and Andrea, because she is seriously amazing and thoughtful, took it upon herself to whip up a zombified Ben Franklin plushie.

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Chooch of course loves it, and I think she should make one of every president.

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I know at least four people who would snatch up an Abe Lincoln faster than it took that bullet to tear through his flesh.


Look for Andrea’s feature tomorrow, right here on this here bloggie-blog!

  3 Responses to “ben franklin’s big debut”

  1. Dang he looks handsome in photographs! I’m still having a hard time explaining to people why I made a Ben Franklin Zombie in the first place…

    • Doesn’t he look handsome?? We love him! I emailed you the photos, but I’m having email malfunctions so I’m not sure if it went through. I’m also having blog malfunctions. Today is not a good day!

  2. Yeah that other post freaky-something was blank. *tear* *tear*

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