Aug 162009
dontcha wanna, wanna win one.

dontcha wanna, wanna win one.

The last giveaway I had was the bathroom plaque contest I did way back in March or April, so I feel as though the time is nigh to rectify the fact that my blog is re-virginating itself to giveaways.

Since my pendants are brand new, I figured this would be a good way to maybe stir the buzz-pot and generate some excitement, because I (and mostly Henry) worked hard on them. And wearing art is pretty hot. I think Perez Hilton just dropped a blog joint about that. I even heard one of those Gossip Girl broads is starting a collection.


Hurry before one of those prissy celebutantes uses one of their six-inch Louboutin heels to grind this trend into the Red Bull-littered sidewalk outside of the Chateau Marmont  faster than the Uggs faux-pas of 2003. Oh wait, they’re still wearing those things. Scarves in summer? Oh. Sorry, Kate Hudson.


1.  Check out the pendants in my shop to see if you even really want to win one. Keep in mind that we are continuously making more and there are plenty of different designs about to be served up. I’m just waiting for Henry to ding that bell.

2. If you still are dreaming of being A Very Big Winner, leave a comment saying something along the lines of “Hi I would like to enter, and I think you have pretty eyeballs.” Or you could omit that last part if schmoozing makes you diarrhea-prone.  And please be sure to leave a valid email address where you can be reached.


3. Spread the word! If you retweet this on Twitter, post it on Facebook, link back to it from your blog, come back and let me know in another comment. Now, my math is pretty rusty, but I DO BELIEVE that gives you a BETTER chance of The Big Win.

4. The winning comment will be chosen using the generator on next Sunday, August 23rd at 9pm est. Winner chooses which pendant they want. (A few more examples can be found here.)


I like feeling like Santa Claus. The end.


  80 Responses to “The Pendant Giveaway”

  1. Just put it on facebook too!

  2. I had to read Missing Stockings to my hubby I loved it so much! I love that you write stories to go with your art.

  3. Ok. Fritz wants me to win a pendant of yours. He says “You’re special and that I should carry something of yours next to my lungs (I think he meant heart?) so that I can learn the benefits of deep breathing”. He said this. Really.

    I think he knows that every time I look down at my newly won beautiful pendant, I’ll be experiencing a lot of deep intakes of breath (gasping?) and then, of course, a lot of exhaling (ooohing and aaaahing). Thus, many hours of Deep Breating exercises would ensue; which would be really good and healthy for me!

    This is why I should win. You would help me to stay healthy and thus live longer. Yes. And, I will tweet and facebook and email everyone I know across the country. And, when I win, I will show everyone on the plane my new beautiful pendant. It will be famous!

    So you see now why I need to win one. Please and thank you.

    Fritz’s caretaker

  4. I know who you liked in 7th grade and will tell EVERYONE if you don’t give me free stuff. Plus, I can be the premiere customer in the Philadelphia market. Plus, I wear a necklace EVERYDAY. Plus, I live near the art museum which gives me access to arty and funky, but not poor, people.

  5. hook me up–i’ve never seen anything like this before

  6. i would love to enter, i love the beep beep print. and you have lovely eyeballs.

  7. I would love to enter! I like the And Billys Balloons pendant! I’m sure your eyeballs are lovely. Mine are. I think.

  8. Uh, yes I do want to win one!
    I’m fine with schmoozing when the recipient is completely deserving. Your pendants are fantastic. Especially Bunch o Balloons. Although it’s safe to say I’m equally in love with all of them.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  9. Oh Honestly Erin!!! I almost missed this!! To this day, my favorites are ‘Smother’, ‘Monster Lovin’, and ‘Lets Be In Love’!!! I’m so glad your turning your art into wearable art, no matter what any cheesebroad says! Thanks so much for this chance at winning! After I add ya and you accept, I’ll post about this on FB;)

  10. I am a huge fan of your pendants. I have seen the economical monsters on Etsy just recently. Your work is awesome.
    I do love your eyeballs as much as I love your pendants. I am going to repost this on Facebook, Twitter, Livejournal, and a messageboard…

    I am adding you to my etsy favorites too. Wearegrimey is the name.

    :)Ps. I love following you on Twitter.

  11. I’m slowly but surely filling my apartment with Somnabulant art work, and hopefully, soon I can start adorning my body with it!

    Keep rocking on with your bad self and making sweet art pieces!

  12. Missing stocking rules

  13. Please enter me! Oh I like! *nod nod*

  14. Glurg….I loves the missing stockings pendant
    and sigmund

  15. Hi, I’d like to enter. I think you have really pretty eyeballs!

    My favorite is the Missing Stockings pendant, by the way. Thanks!

  16. I also tweeted this!

  17. OMG! My tween daughter adores them. It would be a great surprise for her. Will need to keep you on the holiday shopping list of places to shop!!!

  18. I know I’m completely slipping under the wire here but I had to pop by after seeing a post about this on the Etsy’sDarkSide blog a few minutes ago. I’ve been eyeballing your pendants for sometime and positively adore the fact that they are all in little literal picture frames. Not only is it wearable art in the sense that it is *art* but it’s also a bit like wearing a gallery piece as well with the frame and all. Very punny :)

  19. I love your art more than Angelina loves kids from third world countries! xoxo

  20. Hi, I would like to enter, and I think you have pretty eyeballs. Hair too.


  21. I also just twitter linked to your Etsy.

  22. AND facebook.

  23. I meant I linked to your etsy site from my facebook, not your personal one.

  24. Who won the contest Erin!

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