Aug 222009


I know I gush about her a lot, but that’s because Mrs. Evils is fucking fantastic. She’s the big sister I’d have aspired to be exactly like when I was a kid.

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If we lived near each other, she’d never get rid of me.

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I’d be all, “Andrea Andrea Andrea, make my hair pretty! Make my eyes bloody! Make me a grilled cheese! Help me dispose this body!” So I feel that I’d be doing a big disservice if I kept her pretty-creepy hair accoutrements to myself.


I’m a doofus when it comes to taking my own picture.

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Like, it’s amazing that I don’t end up pretzeling my arms together. Because of that, I wasn’t able to get a very good head on shot of the flower’s focal point, but just know that it’s a SPIDER OMG.

She has one that has a gun on it.  I want it so bad.

  6 Responses to “Shopping Saturday!!”

  1. OMG you look HAWT! Dang, I wish you were my evil little sister. My evil little sister wants to be NOTHING like me and is still a huge pain in my ass.
    I would totally do your make-up and make your grilled cheese with butter instead of mayo. Just leave the body in the bathtub and bring me the hacksaw.

  2. Oh, Andrea..the evil and kick assness just never ends.

    I interviewed her on my blog Friday and she gave you a shout out/link for your Informer performance!!

    Her hair clips are fantastic, and I agree..I want the gun one so bad, too!

  3. Girls, if you’re going to fight over hair flowers, at least videotape it for YouTube. And wear something sexy.

  4. Oh my goodness, I love that clip. Unlike you, I don’t think I could pull it off though.

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