Feb 232008

I’m sitting in the lounge of a car dealership right now. It smells like stale popcorn and microwaved burritos and there are men wearing camouflaged caps and women with brassy highlights. Fox News is on but its hard to hear it over top of the constant vending machine action.

Henry and Chooch are out in the showroom waiting for the finance guy to be available so we can bend over and get fucked. I was bitching about how being here is Hell and Henry agreed. But he said it was because I’m here with him.

"I wish I didn’t have to bring you," he mumbled.


"Too bad I’m the one with the money," I reminded him. He loves when I rub that in. Makes him feel like a real man.

Ew, Henry just came in to get stale popcorn and then some guy came over to tell him that the finance guy will be with us soon and if we want to just have a seat in the lounge that would be fine. I thought that’s what we were already doing, idiot. I hate it here.

  5 Responses to “car haggling”

  1. Good luck!!!

  2. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Susan Kishner

  3. i hope you have better luck haggling than i did when i bought Rivers.

  4. “Too bad I’m the one with the money,” I reminded him.


    I do not envy your task of the day.

    But you get points for blogging from the lobby.


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