Dec 182009


I was going to stop making stuff. I even considered deleting my Etsy shop.

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There was just so much behind-the-scenes bullshit going on the past few months and I found myself stripped of any desire to create. Not only was I not making any new pieces, but I completely neglected to promote the stuff I did have, aside from an occasional Facebook posting. I even pulled out of that gallery show I was supposed to have last month because I just didn’t have what I needed to get anything together.  It wasn’t that I was feeling sorry for myself, but I found myself falling out of love with the whole process. I guess maybe because it started to feel like a job. God forbid!

But apparently, the local shop that was going to host my show has actually been selling some of my pieces.

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I don’t know what I expected, that I was going to give this shopowner some of my stuff and she was going to stash it under a floorboard; or worse, she’d put them out on display and people would be so taken aback by the dilettantishness of it all that they’d be inspired to hawker all over the stuff that I have the nerve to call “art.”


That was enough of a boost, I guess, because I’ve been putting together a collection of loot to take down to the shop today and hopefully some of it will be purchased in time to be stowed under Christmas trees. Mama has two big concerts she’d like to attend in February.

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If you live in or around Pittsburgh, come see my swag at Wildcard in Lawrenceville. Even if you think my stuff sucks, there is a ton of awesome art, clothing, cards, etc. there that is worthy of your monies.

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