May 192020

On Sunday, I decided to finally pay attention to the Hipstamatic notifications I get and decided to go on a photo walk around Brookline in order to collect stamps for my stupid Hipstamatic “passport” thingie because it was a nice day, I needed steps, there was nothing else to do. I dragged Chooch out of the house with me.

“What are you doing?” he asked me in that grating teenage tone that I FUCKING HATE SO MUCH, I am trying to just be happy that he still talks to me at least but MOTHER OF GOD he gets under my skin sometimes.

After I explained my mission to him, he shrugged and said, “I guess I’ll do it too then” and downloaded Hipstamatic so then what I had intended to be a nice, leisurely walk turned into COMPETITION TIME.

The two of us just can’t do anything together without someone needing to win. It’s annoying, since I can’t lose. 

Anyway, here are some photos from around town. Yes, we wore masks. 

Someone’s yard. 

Another someone’s yard. 

Chooch’s name, memorialized in a dirty sidewalk. He’s still so smug about this. 

Someone was hit by a car here. For a long time, there was a (full) bottle of chocolate milk sitting there with all the stuffed animals. 

The windows of Jo’s Salon still has Easter stuff in it. It’s been closed since mid-March when everything went on lockdown, but I guess they still decorated for Easter. How nice of them. 

Chooch got this shot first and then accused me of trying to be like him after I took one too. UGH. 

Every time I walk past this diner, their handwritten signs make me die a little inside. I want to make better ones for them in the worst way. (I love making signs. When I worked at the shitty meat place for 4 years, making signs for the display cases was the only thing I truly enjoyed doing. I mean, it was hard to find enjoyable things amidst all of the sexual harassment, racism, misogyny, and psychological warfare that was served up there all day, just like this diner’s breakfast.)

…waiting for it.

I’m still not sure what this place is but it’s much better than that horrid BABE CAVE glamour shots place that used to be there. 

Ah, the good ol’ Boulevard. I’ll be happy when things go back to normal (if they do?) and we can walk to Scoops for ice cream, which I will never take for granted again, like how Blake and Haley invited us to go with them on this one nice day in early March, before everything shut down, and I said NO because I was trying to watch what I was eating that weekend and figured I could “just go another time.” 


I dunno, it seemed cool at the time and Chooch took a picture of the house next to it which was nicer but god forbid I should copy him again. 

I still haven’t watched this show. Should I? Will it upset me? Because I can’t watch animal stuff.


This part of the boulevard sucks because every other storefront is vacant. But there is some sandwich shop that is supposedly going to open at some point, I hope they still do. I always peek in the window when I walk by and it looks cute. I hope they have grilled cheese. 


It’s the Brookline Monument “Cannon,” you guys. 

I always liked this church door. 

This is on the window of some newish “club”/Mexican restaurant that opened last year but I noticed that there isn’t a NO KNIVES sign which I guess is how a stabbing was able to happen there a few months ago. (I don’t think anyone died.)

I had to take a picture of this because it’s on the window of one of the trashiest bars in the area and I guess I just figured if any anti-maskers wanted someplace welcoming and mask-free to loaf, it would be here. But wow, I was wrong! 

(This is also the place were the infamous “photo incident” happened with Christina and me, which I still love to talk about except that everyone says, “Yeah, you told me that one before” so maybe I should tell Henry’s grandkids, or create a new imaginary friend.)

You can see my vintage Cure t-shirt in the reflection!

This place has been here forever, and probably those same bottles too. 

This is a block away from my house and the guy who lives here IS SO SWEET AND GRANDFATHERLY and has what I think is a Polish accent and one time he asked for Chooch’s and my opinion when he was installing spotlights outside of his house. I like it when people ask me for my expert advice. It makes me feel like…a real life person. 

And this concludes: Photo Walk with Erin and Chooch. God only knows what other treasures I’ll pull out of my sleeves for you this week.


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