Mar 282008

Earlier I was wishing that there was a grilled cheese store across from my house instead of the stupid church that currently pollutes the lot, and it made me think about all the wonderfully caloric combinations there must be of such two simple ingredients: cheese and bread.

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I have two favorite versions of the old school classic.

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1. The Adult Grilled Cheese: No, it’s not filled with Astroglide and money shots, but I call it the adult grilled cheese because it’s a sophisticated take on the traditional kind, maybe not one for crude pallets.

Pumpernickle bread, havarti, and an artichoke heart.

It’s like, really good and shit.

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2. The Jellied Cheese: People think I’m disgusting, but I’m telling you, this is REALLY FUCKING GOOD.

American cheese (or cheddar, swiss, cheese curd, whatever), bread and JELLY. I like raspberry jelly with American cheese, to be honest. It’s delicious.

What’s your special version? I need to broaden my horizons.

(In other kitchen news, I think today was the first time I made oatmeal the way it was intended.)

  21 Responses to “Grilled Cheesin’”

  1. Omfg cheese and bread are my two favorite food groups, it’s why I love pizza so much.

    I LOVE cheese and apple. And actually this sounds gross but if you like Cheese Whiz, it’s really good with peanut butter. I imagine regular cheese and pb would probably be good as well… I don’t know why I’ve never tried it! Brb I’ll let you know how it turns out.

    • Cheese and apple! An interesting combo, and it sounds good!

      I used to eat cheese and p&b sandwiches a lot as a kid, and still do occasionally, but I’ve never tried it grilled. Good suggestion! Christina, by the way, brings up my love for these sandwiches a lot because she thinks it’s the grossest. What a hater!

  2. I’m usually a traditionalist when it comes to grilled cheese, but I’ve become a fan of this one. Actually it usually comes as a panini. Mozzarella, tomato and pesto/or fresh basil.

  3. How do you properly cook an artichoke? I like the flavor but haven’t cooked them myself.

    I can’t help you with variations for grilled cheese, but I do have another sandwich to recommend – a grilled peanut butter and apple sandwich.

    Slather a piece of bread with as much peanut butter you want. Peel and slice an apple. (I prefer Gala for the sweet and sour contrast, but whatever you have in the fridge will work.) Make the apple slices thin like you’d slice potatoes for scalloped potatoes. Put the apple slices in a single layer on the peanut butter, add another piece of bread and grill like you would the grilled cheese. It’s terrific.

    • Henry buys the kinds that come in a jar — where it’s like, just the hearts I think. I don’t think he cooks it at all — he just lays it in between the sandwich while that’s cooking and then it’s done!

      I’m definitely making your sandwich this weekend! Hopefully it won’t pull out my crown.

  4. The first one sounds heavenly, the second one gross.

    I like to sprinkle a little bit of garlic salt inside my grilled cheese sandwich. Deeelicious. Picked up that trick on Dead tour.

    • I dare you to try it! PLEASE TRY IT! I swear it won’t be like the time I urged everyone to make scrambled eggs with peanut butter.

    • PS Dead as in Grateful Dead? You were on tour with them!?!

    • Wellllll I don’t know if I’d say TOUR. I mean, I managed to get to 75 shows in 5 years, and I did multiple shows in multiple locations, but I never felt quite legit because I always maintained a job during that time. I’d fly and rent cars and stuff. I never dropped everything and lived out of my VW microbus. But oh hey, I had a pretty cool one of those, and drove to a lot of local and regional shows in it. Check out this old post o’mine:

    • I read your entry from my phone and typed out this long ass comment and it didn’t post. UGH!!

      Let me attempt to recap.

      I think it’s awesome, really fucking awesome, that you essentially got to live out a dream like that! Your bus was gorgeous. I mean that. Those buses are so cool to begin with, but what you did with it, goddamn you turned it into a masterpiece! Your vehicle was famous!

      I can’t even imagine how devestating it must have been to have it taken from you. People SUCK. At least you have all those wonderful memories and photos (and a part in a movie!) to keep the spirit alive.

      I’m glad you shared this with me. I mean, not that I didn’t already think you were cool, but this just majorly upped your cool factor!

    • I am doing the “Erin thinks I’m cool” dance RIGHT NOW!!!

      And yes, it was TOTALLY AWESOME in every way. I pretty much lived for show days, for five years running, and it was worth every single penny and all the sleep-deprivation and travel and whatever else it cost me to be there. And the bus was a symbol of that, you know? It took work and time and love to keep it running but it was so worth it. It was amazing to be so conspicuously a part of the tribe that I loved.

      Anyway, thanks!

  5. a lot of people are into the monte cristo ( i am not one of those people, but don’t think you’re a weirdo because you like cheese and jelly together.

  6. cottage stuffed in a pita…
    that’s what you’re getting.

    ok- not really.

  7. My bro used to like to spread a white tortilla with cream cheese and raspberry jelly, put another tortilla on top and stick it in the toaster oven until lightly browned on the top. It was like a gooey creamy fruity quesadilla.

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