Apr 062008

"Ever since Starlite cracked his hooves, I’ve had to use this sight-seeing boat in Cleveland to get to Rainbowland," Rainbow Brite explained after changing the Mormon’s skirt to a light tangerine, a hue better suited for a trip to Rainbowland than steely gray.

"Oh darn, I think I left my Jesus DVDs back on land."

  6 Responses to “Random Picture Sunday”

  1. irrelevant to the current post, but, another friend just posted that she bought prescription glasses from a website for $20 total, and I remembered your post about being too embarrassed to get new glasses from your doctor…do you know your prescription strength? This is the site! http://zennioptical.com/cart/home.php

  2. PLEASE tell me you took this picture in 1987…

    I know several people that were very pleased with zennioptical.com as well.

  3. wish i could see the picture.

    screw you barracuda!

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