Apr 202008

Kara is the keeper of the owls. If one might have an inclination to try and remove an owl from the wall or maybe, say, rub their genitals against one, it just might provoke her to step out from the mirror, gouge the offender’s eyes out, blend it up into an ocular smoothie and invite the owl predator to drink up. Cheers.

(*This was taken at lunch yesterday, which I will write about when it is not Sunday, because on Sundays I don’t like to be writin’. I do important things on Sundays, like bug the shit out of Henry and make him buy me things and then maybe I might kick around some pebbles down at the graveyard, drink some Jack on the pier, become embroiled in a knife fight with a bike gang: my world is pregnant with possibilies.)

  10 Responses to “Random Picture Sunday”

  1. What a stunning photo!

  2. All of the pictures you took from Saturday are amazing.

    Im still amazed that this was a mostly by chance photo!

  3. Post the photo of my Tommy Pickles feet!

  4. that photo is awesome!!!

    even with kara in it.

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