Aug 012010

I watch So You Think You Can Dance and I’m not afraid to admit it.

Actually, I sort of am. I’ve always been so anti-American Idol that it’s almost like, “Well, what’s the difference?” I mean, aside from the obvious. You know. The one’s got singing. And the other’s got…dancing.

I’ve never really given a shit about dance before. Yes, I took Jazz in like third grade and was INCREDIBLE at step-ball-change (ask Henry! Sometimes I do it just to do it and he’s like, “Goddamn I am so lucky to have hooked myself such a skilled footed woman.” Or maybe it was “footed such a skilled fucking hooker.”). But aside from that small dalliance into the world of staged dancing, I never really noticed anything that was going on.

We started watching SYTYCD at the start of the second season auditions. Totally by accident. Chooch was a newborn. I didn’t have much else to do but stew on the couch while he sucked on my nipples. So it became something I looked forward to every week.

At first, my pedestrian eye would mock the dancers during the tryouts. I remember seeing Travis Wall for the first time and literally laughing so hard and yelling, “OMG THEY’RE GONNA MAKE FUN OF HIM SO HARD.” But then it was all, “Come get your ticket to Vegas!” I had never seen any of that lyrical/contemporary shit before. I didn’t know it was the good stuff.

But once the choreographers got their claws into the dancers, I started to understand. Wade Robson? Totally putting dance moves to the shit inside my head. Mia Michaels? I vow to have sex with her one day.

I never thought watching someone dance could make me cry. It was like the way music moved me, only now I was sobbing while watching a couple act out a scene atop a Mirah song.

I cry more during this show than any drama on TV.

My current favorite is this hot ass Mia Michaels piece from last week:

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  7 Responses to “#36: SYTYCD, OMG DO I!”

  1. I am also a huge fan. In fact, I’ve had that mirah song as my ringtone since I got my phone. It fills me with so much gleefulness
    Paul hates to watch it so I have to wait til he’s asleep. Seems like he’s never asleep anymore and now I have 16 episodes to catch up on. Meh

    • Oh man, I hope you catch up soon. There’s been some good stuff on this season. I wasn’t sure how the all-star thing was going to pan out, but it’s been very good!

      Henry actually likes it! In fact, sometimes while watching the group routines, he’ll go, “Oh, this HAS to be Wade.” Hahaha!

  2. I’m on record as an ass man. As such, my favorite SYTYCD contestant is Randi, who was on last summer. You may remember this dance:
    And in fact, this was my desktop wallpaper for quite a while:

  3. I too am a mildly embarrassed fangirl. I can’t believe I was offline for your whole Blogathon. I meant to sponsor you but I forgot and bought vodka instead :p

  4. I’ve actually found some REALLY good music from watching that show.

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