Aug 012010

Henry claims this is his “last hurrah.”

“Keep me out of Blogathon next year,” he barked. “Just like I asked to be kept out of it this year.”

Anyway, this is for Paul! Hope you enjoy it! I almost peed while I was taping it, but I think that’s mostly because exhaustion has weakened my bladder.

My favorite part is when I pan away at the end and you can see my torture kit. It has a power drill on top.

  16 Responses to “#48: Percolator”

  1. That is so awesome. And I think I even saw Henry smile! I didn’t know he had moves like that.

  2. Damn! Henry is a fancy ass dancer! Who knew? He totally likes it too, you can tell. Please sign him up for the next round of SYTYCD.
    Showed Paul this video and he requested that Henry do a dance to “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” next year

    • The weird thing was that he did this willingly. Like, I didn’t have to force him! It almost didn’t happen because we were having probs with the camcorder but he was like DON’T GIVE UP I’LL FIX IT. It’s almost like he WANTED to do it.


      • Who are you kidding that you didn’t have to force me! If I didn’t do it I would have had to add it to the list of all the other things “I’m paying for the rest of my life”.

        • I had more of a hard time getting you to pose with Tom Selleck than doing the Percolator. AND it only took one take, almost as if you had been secretly practicing. What gives?

    • Peanut Butter & Jelly not gonna happen. Unless someone else does it also, maybe the person who suggested it and his wife! Just saying.

  3. This made me happier than an all-expenses-paid night at the titty bar. Henry’s moves are so fly!

  4. This is pure magic! I’ve watched it twelve times already and can’t get enough!!!

    I love how Marcy is sitting there watching this like it’s normal, everyday business in the Robbins-Kelly household.

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