May 132008

The verdict is in and Tina is officially crossing back over to the night shift. Every muscle in my body is petrified from nerves, horror, anger and disgust.

Before she left today, she cheerfully exclaimed, "Soon I’ll be saying hi to you instead of good night!" and as she turned the corner, I tersely whispered "Yay" and then searched my desk for a noose.

And she has new facial scabs that she’ll be bringing with her. You know what else she’ll be bringing?

  1. An argumentative hunger.
  2. A desire to talk to me about sex.
  3. Bull-headed opinions.
  4. Constant reminder that she was in the Service.
  5. A high-pitched voice full of whine and entitlement.
  6. A phlegm-y laugh full of perversion and sleaze.
  7. Camel toe.

Can’t wait.

Bob thinks this is funny. Apparently he derives pleasure from my pain, so I guess I have more frienemies here than I thought!

  9 Responses to “This Blog is about to get ANGRIER”

  1. i’m not happy about this for your sake… BUT- i am happy for the humorous blogging to come!!!!!

  2. Have you met the new guy yet? I’ve only said hi but I was wondering if you were around while he was being trained?

  3. “# Constant reminder that she was in the Service.”

    What is it with these Service people? They just can’t let it go!

  4. Hoooooooooooooboy.

    Lucky you!

    Damnit girl, I miss hearing from you. HOW YOU BE?

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