Mar 132024

I haven’t painted in so many years at this point but I wanted to paint a portrait of Barb to bring to her memorial dinner next week and I think I am ok with how it turned out. She was always so supportive of my art and writing, so encouraging and always cheering me on. I just felt inspired to do one more for her.

The background is wallpaper from my Pappap’s house and it just needs to be cut and properly framed – the portrait itself is painted on acrylic paper and backed with thick, sturdy cardboard to give it more depth once it’s framed.

Ugh. Grief is the absolute worst. This helped me process a little handful of it though. Still driving myself nuts with the “what if”s, though I guess that’s to be expected.

Tonight, I’ve been watching clips from super old episodes of Running Man (Korean variety show) and that has been very therapeutic but also bittersweet because I want to go back to when I first got into these things and relive it all over again (another part of my life that Barb supported!!!!).

  2 Responses to “art therapy”

  1. I love the painting. So glad you did this. Sending ❤️.

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