Apr 232024

Henry and I went to my dad’s last weekend to give him some Korea swag (we got him the largest variety pack of HBAF almonds that is currently available because my dad is a SNACKMASTER). My brother Corey met us there because he had a wedding gift for us – that’s kind of the downside of eloping or whatever you want to call what we did, we sort of screwed ourselves with the traditional GIVING OF THE GIFTS but it’s ok! What are people supposed to give us? We’ve been living together for 22 of the 23 years we’ve been together so I don’t think we need a toaster or china!

But Corey managed to find the most ERIN AND HENRY wedding gift imaginable and I was actually shook!

He found this seller on Etsy from the Ukraine who makes these laser-cut wooden ferris wheels with photos printed directly on it!

It’s so perfect! I love that he used pictures of us at amusement parks because it’s definitely one our happy places – I mean, we fight everywhere you put us, but at least at amusement parks we can break that up by riding some things!

Also, before it gets pushed too far down in my camera roll, I also want to share this Instagram post from Megan that I read while we were making our rings in Hongdae and it effing made me cry in public!!!

Megan quickly has become one of my best friends and these words meant so much to me! Also, she had to endure so much of my Korea marriage panic, she was there for the LOST ENGAGEMENT RING ordeal, and she also has become friends with Henry (“Herbert”) too and gives him shit which is awesome, lol!

And then the cherry on top was the fact that my work buddies not only contributed to a wedding collection for us (so generous and in all of my 14 years here, I have never been on this end of things so it kind of bowled me over a little!) and left the sweetest and most ERIN messages on a Kudoboard for us – reading these made me simultaneously cry and crack up. I think they covered all of my niches: kpop, pie, Phil Collins, roller coasters, squirrels. I loved the inside jokes, the sincere well-wishes, and ALL OF THE G-DRAGONS. Even though we’re remote, I still do kind of “spend more time” with these guys than most people and it made me appreciate them all so much more. I know I have said it before but I guess that after being together for so long, I just didn’t anticipate the excitement that it evoked from others – I guess I thought that we’d just quietly do this thing with no recognition, but some people were like U THOUGHT, lol.

It’s so much better if you click here though!

Chooch was looking at this today and when he saw the Up gif, he goes, “Well, she dies. So, good luck.”

W O W.

Yeah but seriously – you have no idea how badly I wanted my own Kudoboard AND I FINALLY GOT ONE!!

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