Feb 072011

I received a really fantastic Etsy convo on Saturday, full of smiley-faced demands tempered with back-handed compliments:

hello fellow zombie lover!

i wanted to contact you regarding your “i love you like a zombie loves brains” love notecard. i have been using a very similar saying(“i love you more than zombies love brains”) on my work and selling it on etsy and through other venues since 2007 on ceramic dishes as well as screen printed cards. the zombie dishes have been in national publications(BUST, OCT/NOV 2007). i just saw your listing on etsy today for the first time. i’m hoping you would please consider discontinuing this design with this particular text or at least changing the tagline to something else? i saw your other cards with the same zombie drawing (which is AMAZINGLY adorable btw) and they super cute. i don’t have an issue with the image at all, just the tagline.
i did a search for the whole zombies love brains thing today and was shocked* to see all the products. i can’t help but feel like my undead toes are being stepped on a bit. so, i have sent out quite a few convos. but seriously, i really do love your products, they are right up my alley (but trust me – i don’t necessarily love the others i have been convo-ing – haha). let me know what you think about this.

here is my first ever listing of zombies like brains plate – sold on 3.5.07:
here is the “love” version that followed shortly afterward – this is a more recent listing:
the saying in card format:

i am hoping to resolve this directly with you and avoid contacting etsy because i know we can handle it discreetly on our own. we can co-exist in zombie-land together!

At first, I was like, “Oh shit, am I going to get sued?” I was with my Law Firm co-worker/friend Wendy when the convo was sent to my phone and I immediately read it her. She was basically like, “You’re fine. Fuck that” and waved it off. Then I sent it to my fellow zombie pal Andrea who was like, “She’s high if she thinks she coined that phrase. Eff her in the eye!” Of course, there are a million things I want to say to this broad, but Henry has urged me to just not say anything at all. That has proven very hard, and my patience is REALLY being exercised.

Anyway, this latest convo officially replaces this one I got last year as my new favorite:

I read your profile to confirm what I thought was so obvious … that you must be male. In fact, I was certain, you must be a young male. Your stories & language & interests made my conclusions so obvious.

What I couldn’t understand was that I appreciate the ‘bird art’ of such a person.

Well, I was clearly wrong about your gender. Perhaps even your age. As to my appreciation of your birds, this clearly requires that I consider a bit more about myself!

Thanks, bitches!


  22 Responses to “I love this Etsy convo like a zombie loves brains”

  1. She’s a moron. Just the fact that she found so many people using the line should show her that she’s not that special. Everything has been done before, it’s how you use those ideas that make your stuff good or not. If her stuff is good people will pick it over the others with similar sayings.

  2. I am so glad you aren’t going to change anything. I am also so glad (you however not so much maybe though) that you attract the crazies for our reading pleasure. Let’s see what this “fellow zombie lover ladeda”<–(-that is the nice thing I decided to call her after I deleted the other thing.) thinks she can accomplish. Btw, between you and me, her stuff is kinda plain. Yours is way better and not just cause I love you.

  3. ugh. why can’t we just all be cool?
    That’s irritating. Ignoring sounds like a good plan.

  4. For reals. I’m still standing by my effing her in the eye plan.
    There was some chick on etsy who had gotten ahold of some of my business card magnets, covered up my shop name with a piece of lace and was attempting to sell it in her shop. I only discovered it because she had been approved for EDT membership and I was trying to determine what category to put her shop under in the membership directory.
    So I told our fearless leader (cause I was heated yo) who politely asked her to remove said listing and a few others that were basically the same thing.
    The bitch threw a fit and demanded to be removed from the team and never contacted again.
    She did take the listing down though.

    • I never knew about that! Talk about audacity! And then she had the nerve to be pissed off? God! I’m glad that you guys were able to get her to take down the listing, at least.

      I would actually feel guilty if I had seen this chick’s zombie stuff on Etsy and THEN made those cards. But the fact is that I have heard that phrase used in so many different places, that it never once occurred to me it would be “stepping on toes” to use it. To me, it seemed just as OK as making a card that said “Happy Valentines Day” on it. Not original, but the image on my card is. Her IMAGES aren’t even original. Whatever.

  5. Bwahahahaha! I’m totally with Mrs Evils on this one – eff her in the eye. If the silly deluded cow hasn’t got it trademarked she hasn’t got any undead toes to stand on. Fuck I love it when morons try to play smart.

    This post made my day Erin ^_^

  6. I think you should report her for spam.

  7. When I wrote Dead Reign I received so many emails from people claiming that I read their ideas online and that’s how I came up with the book, that I wanted to vomit. People can’t stand it when they think that somebody has outshone them at what they like to do or that something that you thought of should have been their idea first.


    Your talented and some people can’t help but hate on or needle talented people.

  8. OH SHIT

    i KNOW this girl. she used to live up here in flint and dated one of my friends for several years. her name is meredith i think? weird, man. really really weird.

    • WTF that’s so random! Did you like her?

      None of the images she uses are original, either.

      • she was okay. kind of fascinating, i thought, because she made lots of pottery and also did zombie movies. i never really got to know her as a person.. she was just one of those people who i guess i always wanted to get to know better and just didn’t get the chance to.

        people are hypocrites, not much more to it than that.

  9. also, does she realise she has other commonly used phrases plastered all over her dishes. “bon appetite” and “eat your heart out”?! really? how unique.

  10. I hope you do not get sued. It seems a bit foolish, its not like you said “I like you like Garfield likes lasagna” because the estate of Jim Davis would come down on you harder than a tonne of shit bricks.

    however, be forewarned, that ” I like you MORE than a Zombie loves brains” is my tag line, and I will sue all y’all’s asses off if you try to use it.
    I just, but it is true, i do like you MORE than a zombie likes brains

  11. If I were you, I would “politely” agree to do so when she produces evidence of owning a copyright on the phrase.

  12. You’re not going to get sued because she does not own the rights to a sentence. What an asshole!

    • She’s filed a copyright infringement complaint with Etsy and those pussies are now going around and forcing everyone she “turned in” to take down their items. This is absolutely absurd.

      I’m sure my day is coming. But not without a fight. Goddamn bully.

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