Jun 112008

One of them there interview memes was going around on LiveJournal, so I got my friend Lauren to interrogate me. Because I really like talking about myself. Could do it all the livelong day.

1. Is there any one thing that you feel fostered your macabre-ness?

I think it’s inherent. My mom was majorly into Halloween when I was growing up and my family watched A LOT of horror movies. It’s still my favorite genre, so I guess that’s probably the main external influence that holds hands with my macabre gene.

Nightmares have plagued me for as long as I can remember, as well, so I probably subconsciously draw from that a lot.

2. Which serial killer would you love to kick back a few beers with and why?

If this a dead or alive question, then Dahmer. I bet he’d have some killer recipes that I might need someday (see #5).

No. Wait. I’m changing my answer. Ted Bundy. Beers lead to sex and Jesus Christ, Bundy is hot.

3. Are you planning to have more children?


4. If you had to choose only one CD (that wasn’t a mixed compilation) that you could listen to for an entire year, what would it be?

13 Ways to Bleed on Stage by Cold. That album reminds me of the beginning of my relationship with Henry. We road-tripped a lot that summer to see Cold, my favorite band at the time (and still in my Top 5 even though they’re now defunct). He knew how much they meant to me and I’ve always thought it was awesome of him to go out of his way to make sure I could see them as much as possible. So, if I had to be reminded of the same memories for an entire year, I’d want it to be those ones, and that album.

Plus, we were still getting to know each other and he hadn’t begun hating me yet. Oh haha. Good times.

5. Would you ever eat meat on a regular basis again? I mean, you’re not living with your Mom, so her pork chops aren’t part of the equation.

Not if the meat came from an animal. Though, I can see myself in a fit of rage, hacking off Henry’s weener and then engaging in some passion-eating. And if anything is a gateway into cannibilism, it’s got to be a nice boiled cock. In fact, I’m dining on a thick vegetarian sausage right now and pretending it’s a juicy wang. So yes, I could chow on a person. Possibly even on a regular basis.

  12 Responses to “MEME”

  1. You are kind of scary sometimes. Good thing scary can be cute- from you anyway.

    Henry doesn’t hate you!! I hope he reads this and finds the cold part as sweet as I do.

    Boiled weeners… EW!!!!!

  2. See, this makes me feel like I know you better. I like insight like this. You should be interviewed more often!

  3. It was a pleasure reading about you. You are far more interesting than most people. So much in fact, I have five more questions for you if you would not mind answering them.

    1.) If your life was to be made into a made-for-tv movie, who would play you?

    2.) Who has been the most influential non-relative in your life?

    3.) If you had to eat one food item/menu item for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    4.) Your cell phone, your home computer, your mp3 player. Pick one and tell us why?

    5.) Where do you get these super-creative ideas for your stories?

  4. You’re not boring. I liked reading these! The part about Cold and Henry was super sweet.

  5. Yeah, I liked the Cold story, too. I didn’t know they were your favorite at one time.

    Things are always different and new and magical in the beginning, and even better when there is music attached to those times.

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