Jun 282008

Dear Blog,
I’m far from home with Henry and Chooch. Henry and I are at each other’s throats and he keeps calling me a retard and I almost got hit by a car trying to take a picture of a sign and Henry won’t stop for directions and he’s threatened to dump me in a river and you know how I hate bodies of water and we just passed a big billboard for Adult World and I want to go but that kid is with us.

I feel like this is the beginning of a horror movie.

And I just pinched the skin of my arm trying to grab Chooch’s fucking sippy cup.

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Do not want to be in this car anymore.

Ooh! We just passed the Cheese House!

  7 Responses to “In the car”

  1. oh my… i hope you all make it out alive.

  2. See, I know you’re not in Michigan because if you were it would be the Cheese Haus. That’s how we roll.

  3. Cheese House as in Blairsville, PA?

  4. THIS! This is why I love you!

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