May 152011

After Chooch’s party yesterday, we took Bill and Jessi to the gaming shop up the street. They own their own gaming shop in Michigan and were interested in seeing what this one had to offer.

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Apparently, not too much. When we walked into the stuffy shoe box-sized store front, all four gamers stopped with their cards in their hands and stared at us uninvitingly.

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I felt like Pee Wee after just knocking over a row of motorcycles.

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I even said hello to the one in the Steelers jersey, but his response was to stare back at me stupidly. I know, girls are so weird. I never know how to respond to their salutations, either.

Same guy cornered Bill after allowing him to browse for a few minutes. The rest of us left Bill in the shop to diffuse the geek-bomb on his own.

Anyway, he had a great crack and I felt obliged to share it with the Internet.

I miss Bill and Jessi already. :(

  2 Responses to “Random Picture Sunday: Crackadrome”

  1. Holy shit, dude. Crack kills. Bahahah!

  2. Yea… I don’t get it either!!!

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