Jul 092008

Does anyone reading this live in Lexington, KY? And if so, do you like me enough to do me a favor that

a) does not involve you spending your own money;

b) does not involve prostitution rings;

c) will not get you killed;

d) will be duly rewarded;

e) does not entail you giving me lodging and breakfast in bed;

f) will make me the happiest girl in the world?

Edit: never mind, dreams dashed.

  9 Responses to “Maybe the most important post Ever”

  1. I WILL MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I live in Frankfort, which for me is about a 20 minute drive to Lexington.

    • There’s a show I wanted to go to next month, but tickets can only be bought at some record store in Lexington. But I just found out today that the booking agent had the wrong date listed, so now I can’t go anyway. :(

  3. what do you need?

    • I needed tickets to a show in Lexington that could only be purchased from a local record store — no Internet or phone sales — and it’s a show that would sell out quickly.

      Unfortunately, Christina found out today that the booking agent got the date wrong (fucking asshole!!!) and it’s actually on the day of Kara’s wedding, and I’m pretty sure she would hate me for life if I missed that!

  4. crap, that sucks, cause i’ll be near there in a month, which wouldn’t even help, but i see it’s now a moot point.

    sucks! what show is it?? maybe i’ll go! lol

    oh well. xo

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