Jul 192011

This is what happens when I’m subsisting on coffee and Slim-Fast in 90 degree weather and Henry is home from work all week. It’s not even funny but my urine is threatening to come spraying out forcefully like my body is a crop duster; I just can’t stop giggling. Henry walked by and frowned. Maybe I need a vacation, too.

Wish you were here.

[Edit: Henry was just standing here and said, “Why didn’t I think of that?” and I thought he was talking about dumping a hooker into the river. Turns out he was talking to himself about a package we need to mail. SO HE SAYS.]

  7 Responses to “Goofus & Gallant: OhHonestlyErin-Style #3”

  1. Lol…the Coffee ‘N’ Slim Fast diet appears to be serving you well. Can I get on the pre-order list for the OhHonestlyErin Goofus & Gallant Stylee coffee table book? Thanks!

  2. The drawing shows the horror of men who are not normal.

  3. These need to be postcards, stat

  4. You should publish these, they crack me the fuck up!

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