Oct 212013

Chooch and I hid from Henry on Friday because that is what bored children do. Here is a video, but be warned: I’m too lazy to edit so there is a good 1:30 of absolutely nothing happening. YOU’RE WELCOME!

  3 Responses to “Hiding From Henry”

  1. It cracks me up how much fun Chooch is having during this whole thing! He’s so excited to be hiding from Henry. And that van… It’s a treasure! And your laugh at the end. OMG I died.

    • Thank you for watching it!

      My favorite past-time is hiding from people, but then someone posted a news story a few months ago on Facebook about how some kid came home early and hid in the closet because she wanted to scare the family. But then when it all panned out, the cousin ended up shooting the kid because he mistook her for an intruder. That scared me so bad! At least Henry’s not gangsta enough to carry a gun on his person. (I don’t even think he has one?)

  2. This just won the day. TOLHURST!!!!

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