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Remember making those stupid cardboard mailboxes so our classmates could slip in Barbie and Hot Wheels Valentines, and then acting repulsed when you got one from the kid you had a crush on? That’s what I had in mind for my non compos cards serial killer Valentines, and last year I finally made some. Three different sheets of 6, to be exact! Each sheet is perforated, so you just tear them apart and pass ’em out to whoever is on your hit list this year. I have several of my own people in mind.

I’m giving away a full set of all 4 sheets to one (un)lucky commenter! Just visit the shop and then leave a comment here telling me what you’re favorite card is. Be sure to comment with a valid email address where you can be reached if you’re the winner. Get extra entries by tweeting, sharing on FB, etc etc. You know how these giveaways are: “I told my church group about it via Google+!” “I pinned it to my ‘disgusting people’ board on Pinterest!” Do what you gotta do, friends. Contest ends Sunday at noon (EST).

I also thought these would be fun to pass out at the office, your AA meetings, church collection baskets. Leave them on the bus for the next person who sits in your seat to find! Stick them in those things called “books” before you return them to that weird place called “the library.”

The possibilities are endless! I just don’t endorse giving these to your kids to pass out at school. Unless their school is super progressive like that one on Victorious. (Don’t they have an app for passing out Valentines now anyway?)

(The backs are set up for printing in this particular photo, so it looks like they don’t match up to the fronts, but they really do, I promise. Blame Henry.)

These are printed on high-quality paperstock in eye-popping ink. I couldn’t be happier with them!

6_Sheet_4 front copy

6_Sheet_4 back copy

Need a birthday card? Check out the whole line of non compos cards here!

DISCLAIMER: These are meant to be tongue-in-cheek. I do not think murder is cool, nor do I condone it. But what’s life without a little humor?

  21 Responses to “CONTEST CLOSED non compos cards Presents: Serial Killer Valentines Giveaway!”

  1. These are hilarious. I love reading true crime and am familiar with all these guys! My favorite is the Gacy card.
    lazybones344 at gmail dot com

  2. I dont know if i can pick a favorite but I am partial to Albert Fish and Ed Gein.

    I absolutely love your cards. Hence still having the handmade Gacy Christmas card you sent me forever ago still on display haha.

    Skully696a at gmail.com

  3. And H H Holmes. Can’t forget about my love for him too haha

  4. Those are soooo awesome!!!!!!!
    I can’t pick just one I like them all!

  5. LOVE these. Have handed them out (last year) and shared on Fb too. Just trying to drum up a bit o’ biz for ya!!

    dragonlady422000 at yahoo

  6. I like the BTK Christmas card. They’re all cute.


  7. These are awesome! I love the Lillie Borden. I’m aBordenfile from way back!

  8. Spell check sucks! Lizzie not Lillie! Dspg2008@Gmail.com

  9. You are so wonderfully creative. I love reading about true crime (and ghosts/hauntings and such) and I don’t want to be a killer, although there have been a few fictional movies I have rooted for the “bad” guy. My former colleagues used to call me Dexter.

    My favorite? Probably the Ted Bundy heart one-who doesn’t love a good looking man? Although, not many people I know would appreciate or get these cards.

  10. The Typhoid Mary Christmas Card version 1 is pretty awesome. This giveaway is awesome. I want these cards!!! So cool. Thank you!

  11. The Ted Bundy all occasion love card is my favorite. I grew up and live in Lake CIty,Fl.I grew up next to the school where he abducted one of his victims.Thanks!

  12. These are awesome! My favorite is Lizzie Borden :) matlock.karen@gmail.com

  13. manson is my fav…”i’m helter skelter for you” i have read about everyone one of these! i would love, love, love these, thank you dmc_67@yahoo.com

  14. Thanks for the giveaway…we like the “I love you like Richard Speck loves nurses” card; very funny stuff, especially the card descriptions i.e. “Use it as a Valentine; a pick-me-up; a “Sorry I banged the nanny”; a reminder that yes, you’re still there, hiding behind the bush in the front yard.”

  15. ok I to do not condone murder but these are humorist I would pick the Ramirez I’ll kill for you .

  16. I really like the BTK Christmas card

  17. I love the Craigslist one!

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