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My new favorite picture of my son, taken by Photog Extraordinaire, Cynthia Leigh. She works at Olan Mills now and is very irritated that they won’t let her offer these types of poses. I’d prefer this over Chooch propped up against a large plastic number, that’s for sure.

That fleck on his nose is his battle wound after a particularly lame bout with a box.


  15 Responses to “Random Picture Sunday”

  1. Cute! I don’t know -i really like the photos YOU take of him too though. They always look professional.

  2. I think you and he both prefer the aerial view because there’s lots of hair from that angle.

    I always liked to take pictures of my boys like that because they looked young, or at least their age. Both are so tall that they look older than they are, but from that angle, they look right.

    Beautiful, as usual.

    • his hair is so strange. he’s got these long tufts coming out of the back and sides now, lol.

      i like the aerial angle because it also adds a bit of an innocence element too.

      thank you!

  3. it’s not hard to get a good pic of such a handsome.

    though- cynthia is pretty good.

  4. perfect in every way:)

  5. chooch really is the cutest thing pretty much ever.

    why aren’t people sweating my serious photography skills? wtf.
    am i losing my touch?

  6. What a great shot!! I am now inspired to try aerial shots!

    Holy hell, is he adorable, always.

  7. That is a great shot! But I also like the pictures you take of him :)

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