Feb 182008

When I notice I have a missed call from you, and I text you to see wtf you wanted, do not reply with "accident" unless you’re in the back of an ambulance. Because my heart is going to start performing palpitation gymnastics when I see that word, and when I find out you meant, "I called you by accident" and not "Hello, I had an automobile accident and am currently entangled in metal carnage" I’m going to want to take you from "accident" to "funeral" with one swift kick.

Got that, Henry?

(I can’t decide if I was more worried about Henry’s well being or the possibility that he totaled my mom’s car, which he was driving.)

  5 Responses to “A Friendly Phone Tip, by Erin”

  1. you always leap to the most frightening conclusions…

  2. I honestly would think that too. I think a simple “Ooops!” would be better than “accident”, if he’s trying to keep it short. =P

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