Feb 122019

Look I know I just posted a Kpop video yesterday but that was KING TAEMIN and he gets his own blog shout outs all to himself so today I’m going to share some other new K-bops that have been getting through this dumb dreary winter.

1. Itzy – Dalla Dalla

This is the highly anticipated debut of new JYP girl group Itzy and they’re already proving to be the polar opposite of their unnies in Twice. I love that the theme of this song is that it’s ok to be different. It admittedly took a few listens for it to grow on me but in the end, Itzy comes through and I’m looking forward to seeing where they go with future concepts. We need more fierce girl groups!

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Speaking of…

2. CLC – No

Cube Entertainment finally let CLC out of the storm cellar and they are back with a vengeance, like a fierce girl power microburst.

3. WayV – Dream Launch

This is the SM Entertainment all-Chinese group and I fucking love them. To be honest, I love everything SM gives us (*cough*Taemin*cough*) but the effort they put into their groups/sub-units/concepts is just dizzying. Anyway, I love the 1980s feel-good fantasy movie vibes this video has and the song is so smooooooth – I want to roller skate to it so bad which makes me think that maybe I should rent the rink out again and have a Kpop party.

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Who’s in?! Yeah, me and the crickets! That’s what I thought, ha.

4. Seventeen – Good To Me

I like every Seventeen song I’ve ever heard but for some reason, they always slip under the radar for me. (Case in point: I CAN ONLY NAME ONE MEMBER, WHAT THE HELL.) But this song really makes me snap to attention every time it comes on. But seriously, I need to finally learn these guys’ names – where all my Carats at?

5. Ateez- Say My Name

These rookie boys, tho! I love their edginess and their rough aesthetic. THEY ARE PIRATES IN ONE OF THEIR VIDEOS. I think these guys are interesting and I’m willing to invest some time in getting to know them (ie bleeding YouTube dry of all their variety show appearances, fan-cams, music stages until I learn their damn names – no one said being a Kpop stan is easy).

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But let’s be real, I have very little room in my life right now for anything now that Taemin has finally comeback. So as a bonus, here is this adorable clip of his appearance on Idol Room, where some of the members of NCT Dream do a Taemin/SHINee random dance in his presence and you can tell he is desperate at times to jump in and show them how it’s really done. UGH DANCE KING TAEMINNIE.


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