Mar 212008

Christina’s glasses arrived, packaged safely in an empty box of sympathy cards. Unfortunately, she must have near-perfect vision because when I put them on, it’s like looking through lens-less frames.

That bitch.

I asked Henry if we can just pass his glasses back and forth tonight at the Armor For Sleep show, maybe make all the scene kids think it’s the new drug of 2008. "What, you didn’t know we were getting high back there? It’s the new freebasing, ya’ll."

I’m a little annoyed because I’ve been trying to see this band for the past three years, but there’s always something in the way: a test, being extremely pregnant, work. I listened to their second album repeatedly for the better part of 2005. It was all about being dead, about someone who kills themself and then is like, "Oh shit," which appeals to me. I taped the singer’s face over top of Henry’s face in the family picture I have on my desk at work. Not so much because I’m all, "OMG Ben Jorgenson is so hawttttt" but just because he’s way more awesome than Henry will ever be.

At least I still have my hearing. Kind of.


  7 Responses to “Glasses Update”

  1. what what Real World: Austin?!?

    i never get tired of that album.

    i am jealous!
    i’m sure it will be awesome.

    for you. henry… i dunno… poor guy.

    • I can’t believe it took me all the way until Real World: Hollywood to see them!!

      I never ever tire of that album either. Whenever I make mix cds for people, I always struggle with what song off that to include, because they’re all so good and they all go along with each other.

      Also — there weren’t just kids there last night so I was happy!

  2. sorry about my glasses not working for you…
    but i sent a nice box.

  3. I watched the video. It’s pretty cool, I like the song.

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