Sep 032021

Chooch went back to school today and I am sad I guess but also kind of like OK BYEEEEEEE because The Attitude is insufferable at times.

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Anyway, here he is this morning, en route to becoming a full-fledged sophomore and hopefully able to complete an entire year of in-person classes without a goddamn outbreak. (PLEASE WEAR MASKS, PEOPLE. GET VACCINATED. TURN OFF FOX NEWS AND USE YOUR GODDAMN BRAINS.) Clearly we ran out of time to get him a haircut, lol, ugh.

(Hahaha Henry just texted me and said, “I’m taking him to get his haircut. That lump of hair on the side of his head is disturbing.”)

I used to get so sick to my stomach on the first day of school but this kid is so fucking ambivalent and complacent. I wish I had nerves of steel like his.

He was actually supposed to start school a week ago but of course Pittsburgh Public Schools has a shortage of bus drivers. I mean, students at his particular school are expected to take public transportation as it is, which I think is ridiculous. But, what do I know.

And because I don’t trust:

  • PAT Transit’s reliability
  • my kid’s ability to pay attention and get off the bus at the proper stop especially when this requires a transfer;

I will be driving him every morning. He can take the bus and T home though. Getting home is nearly fool-proof.


And this morning’s commute was wonderful!!!

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He watched annoying Tiktoks on his phone while I stared ahead out the window and wished I was still in bed and every time I would ask him a question, I’d get that snotty I DON’T KNOW answer.

He was much more conversational when he came home from school at least. Damn that kid is NOT a morning person.

This year will be the true testament of how well he’s suited for this school.

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Last year he got a solid 4.0 for each quarter but was that because the curriculum was more laid back due to Covid and virtual classrooms or was the curriculum actually challenging and he was just killing it as usual? I GUESS WE SHALL SEE.

Especially considering he has pre-Calc this year lol.

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