Jul 312022

Hello from Nashua, NH! Yesterday was my 43rd birthday and it was a very special one because I got to spend it with my dear friend Alyson and her husband Ryan whom I finally got to meet and he is the post awesome counterpart to Alyson.

We had a mist excellent breakfast, bought plants (because we are all Middle Ageds), day-drank myself nearly under the table, went on a scenic walk, ate delicious homemade Korean food, unboxed a GOT7 album, got a surprise FaceTime from Chooch on the beach in Yucatán, cooed at a family of skunks.

It was such a memorable day and I will OBVIOUSLY be back to do a full recap but today is another day spending time with the Wilsons and I am so ready for it!

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    • I couldn’t pass up the photo op when I saw it!

      I went back in my blog and saw that the place where we stayed last time was called Fireside Inn – probably the same place with a different name, I guess? It is definitely a lot nicer than I remember, so they must have really put in a lot of work! It was really quiet too, which is what I care most about as an Old.

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