Jul 232008

Kim just brought this in for me from her garden. Someone’s getting fucked tonight! Look out, Henry; better lube up.

And I just heard Kim tell Tina, "I like all food. Well, except for anything that Erin would eat."


  9 Responses to “Zucchini Pie is hopefully in my future”

  1. Holy shit! I bought two zucchinis today and they’re tiny compared to this monster! Well they’re tiny compared to anything actually. I can’t believe how small they are. =(

    I have zucchini envy.

  2. I want it inside me.

    I mean inside my stomach, PERV.

  3. oh man.

    thank god tina wasn’t the one that gave it to you. it would have been a much more uncomfortable gift!!!

    truthfully- you do have strange food tastes at times.

  4. I think it’s highly frightening that when I loaded your site, before I could even see what you wrote under your picture – all I could think were obscene thoughts. Ha! Dirty minds think alike, I suppose.

    Also, that is the biggest fucking zucchini I have ever seen!

    • I just sat there and stared at it for a really long time. And then of course Tina was like, “Yeah it’s big but one time when I had a garden…” God she has to out-do everyone!

  5. I love zucchini bread. I’ve never eaten it in any other baked good but I bet it would be interesting.

    Also, I love how my fish is just haphazardly thrown over your phone there.

    Man, I hope you get my package soon.

    • Henry makes zucchini pie and it’s really, really good. I can ask him for the recipe for you if you want.

      The fish is my phone guard! You know what’s sad? I’ve had him slung across that phone ever since you sent him to me and only had to move him once. That’s how often I use my work phone, lol.

      The bacon and egg continue to be a hit, btw!

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