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When I met The Cure’s Robert Smith nine years ago in Canberra, Australia, the experience was so great, so life-changing, that I still to this day have not been able to write about it.

When I met Emarosa’s Jonny Craig last Wednesday night at Mr. Small’s, the experience was shitty and slightly crushing, and because of that, it’s about to be written.

I first met him a year ago in Buffalo when I was there for the Pierce the Veil tour. He was disingenuous, monotone, and seemed to be bothered that Christina and I had the audacity to bug him while he was idling behind the merch booth. This was after he had urged his (twenty) fans to come see him after the set. I had heard stories that he was a dick but thought, “Yeah, but I’m an adult. It should be different.” It wasn’t different. Maybe the fact that I’m older even made it worse, who knows. Christina tried to Novacaine the situation by pointing out that he seemed to be high, that maybe we just caught him on an off night.

So last week, when I saw him and Will from Dance Gavin Dance enter the bar area during Of Machine’s set, I decided to test Christina’s theory. I waited for Of Machine (who killed it, as did Of Mice and Men) to finish up before approaching Jonny, who was sitting at the bar mere feet away from me. We made eye contact as I rose, but by the time I took the TWO STEPS over to him, he had suddenly become extremely interested in his phone, like the fucking White House had just Tweeted him.

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 As I said hello, he and Will conversed solely with their eyes while I stood in front of them frozen for what seemed to be hours and I suddenly understood the  term “pregnant pause” because I felt that in that time I could have easily got fucked and carried a bastard-child to term, and let me tell you I’d rather go through all the nausea and the hip-spreading and the nine-month sobriety than have to ever be snubbed by some golden boy of the scene. Knowing without a doubt that this wasn’t going to end well, I said hello again and something fucking cliche about being excited for Emarosa’s set and somewhere during this awkward verbal spewage, he gave me the limpest handshake, loosely gripping nothing past my fingertips, and I wanted to say something like, “You know, this is how the Amish fuck” but he wouldn’t even look me in the eyes and at that point, I thought, Well shit, I’m not going to exalt this pompous motherfucker, so I muttered something like, “Enjoy Pittsburgh” or some other Board of Tourism staple and sulked back to my stool. It couldn’t have been more clear that he wanted nothing to do with me at that moment, ever, and made no attempt to even pretend like he gave a shit about anything some lowly life form such as myself had to say.

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I’m not some giddy, hyperventilating pizza-faced 15-year-old girl with braces trying to fuck him. I’m a thirty-year-old woman trying to show this piece of shit some respect, and he should be doing the same. I wasn’t looking for an extended tour of Emarosa’s van, for him to halt his entire universe  in order to show me his appreciation by giving me head against a dumpster in an alley; I wasn’t even expecting to take more than a minute of his time.

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All I expected was for him to hear what I had to say and at least pretend like it meant something to him, so that I didn’t have to walk away feeling like a blown-off asshole.

When I sat back down, Alisha – who had been within earshot –  said something to the effect of, “Are you fucking kidding me?” I just shrugged and said, “I don’t have time to care. The fucking Penguins are playing tonight.”

Jonny proceeded to sit at the bar (not talking to fans) during the next two bands (Tides of Man and Of Mice and Men), not stepping away from his booze until god forbid his band was ready to go on.

And god bless his band members – they’re really fucking energenic and passionate musicians. But Jonny ruined the set. His voice was off. He was showboating. He was wasted. He had the nerve to rant about respect. It was Alisha’s first time seeing them and I felt bad, because my exchange with him had tampered with the way she viewed him.  And who does he think he is anyway, motherfucking Bono? If there were 100 kids in front of that stage during his set, I’d have been surprised. He should consider himself lucky he got THAT many people to care.

In some cases, I could brush it off. Band members are humans too and they can’t be expected to make time for every single fan; I know this. But it wasn’t like there was a throng of maniacal fans shoving CD inserts in his face and hanging off his shoulders for photos. Because Jonny’s music, his voice, has had an impact on me, it really was a let down. It sucks to know that I’ve spent hours listening to old Dance Gavin Dance (he was the original singer before they kicked him out and Emarosa took him in), letting his voice (which has always been like hot tea in a cavity to me) super glue the synapses in my head when I felt like I was at the end of my rope and I can’t tell him that because a) he wouldn’t care, b) he doesn’t even deserve to know at this point.

I watched him after he left the stage, watched him bypass all the kids on the floor and come straight back to the bar. I won’t lie, Emarosa is a young band with young fans. There were very few of us in the bar area. He should have been out at his merch table, where his fans – the kids – could have talked to him. If he wanted to get wasted at Mr. Small’s without having to “deal” with fans, then he should have brought a bottle of fucking Patron with him and drank himself into a stupor backstage, far away from the feelings of the people who have spent money on t-shirts and albums and shows, where he could send out a hundred misspelled Tweets in private begging for his fans coming to the shows to bring him packs of white Fruit of the Loom t-shirts, size small. Yes, this is what he tweets about and you know what? I’m not your fucking mother, get your own fucking mommy to buy you t-shirts, you  supercilious  beady-eyed fuck stick. Seriously, I have never seen eyes so small and close-set, except on a fucking mole. In fact, he should take the stage by popping out of a mound of goddamn soil, that fucking ginger Napoleon. Who the fuck does he think he is? He hasn’t been in the scene long enough to be able to get away with acting this exultant (shit, he isn’t even HOT enough to pull that off), but even then, there are guys like Craig Owens and Anthony Green who command respect yet are so gracious and appreciative of their fans, because they get it. THAT IS HOW THEY GOT TO WHERE THEY ARE. Oh, and also the fact that their lyrics aren’t vapid exercises in mediocrity.

Clearly Jonny Craig has a circus peanut dick.

Dance Gavin Dance was fierce as shit, though.

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  1. I still can’t believe that happened. AND his set was really shitty..i mean, his part at least. I was highly disappointed by it all. :(

    • It was hard to even find the words to adequately explain the awkward exchange!

      Henry pointed out that this started off maturely and then by the time it ended, it was like a teenager had written it. I probably shouldn’t have been drinking wine when I wrote this, lol.

  2. You know, I worked in the concert industry for years and it’s pretty unbelievable how some performers behave/treat people. From bags of gifts just tossed into the dressing room garbage can to having it written in their rider that no one is allowed to look at them directly backstage to the exact behavior you experienced with this poor schmuck, who will no doubt be wondering what happened to all the adoration 30 years from now. On the other side, there are so many that are truly incredible – hell, Dolly Parton made me cry with how she treats people & I’m not a Dolly Parton fan. I too have gone through the pain of losing respect for someone whom touched my life through their music by their truly shitty behavior…

    • Oh wow! What did you do in the concert industry? It seems like it would be a great, but stressful, job.

      So you know first hand what I’m talking about then! I try not to let things like that bother me, because obviously I don’t want to be the dude’s best friend, but it’s the whole “don’t bite the hand that feeds you” analogy.

      I’ll still listen to his band, but I’d have a hard time ever going to another one of their shows and that sucks because Emarosa is one of my faves.

      Thanks for weighing in on this!

  3. and Emily Haines of Metric seemed perfectly content to talk my ear off and get to know me when I said hello to her and get me super excited for the upcoming release of “Live it out”… god that was years ago, but I hear she’s the same.

    But I mean, Metric is a tiny indie band that no one really knows about, and Emarosa… why, I’d imagine Johnny Craig can’t leave his house without being swarmed by a legion of fans.

  4. the real shame is not that he treats his fans like shit, but that he doesn’t know how fun and awesome you are, and didn’t seize the opportunity to learn that.

    I don’t think I could support a band who’s members treat their fans like shit.

    • I love you, Francesco. This made me feel so much better!

      I realize it’s defeatist to take things like this personally, but you can’t help but walk away from those situations and wonder, “Am I that uncool that he can’t at least smile and say thanks?”

      It sucks, because it’s a good band. I hope he doesn’t drag them down.

  5. I just hate the way he is, and that he really is a dissapointment in a lot of ways.

    However, you made me lol a lot, so thanks. “You know, this is how the Amish fuck” and the mommy part are my favorite

    • I always go back to Scooter Ward and think of all the times I met him, how he put so much time aside for his fans. And unlike Emarosa, his band FILLED CLUBS. Yes, I was still intimidated of him, but fuck – that man is so genuine.

      Jonny hasn’t been around long enough to forget how he got this far. That makes me think that he’s just ALWAYS been a dickhead, regardless of the miniscule specks of fame he’s collected over the last 2-3 years.

      (I was drinking wine when I wrote this, and it was like, 1am, so that’s why it gets a little ridic, lol.)

  6. So I updated his Wiki page ::whistle:: Here’s the link. If that doesn’t work (let’s see how long it will stay up!!), here’s the original text:

    Craig has been known to be extremely rude to fans, often inviting them to come see him after the band’s set, and then ignored them, or made them feel uncomfortable and uninvited. He has also been known to sit at a bar, drinking (or not), glaring at fans, and then getting up to deliver a crappy set. Appreciate your fans, man.


  7. That’s really a shame, and you have every right to be upset about the way he treated you. What a dick.

    • I want to say it’s because he’s young, and because the scene in general is so young, but I’ve met some really great guys lately so Jonny needs to get his shit together, obv! (I feel like his mother, and I don’t care!)

      At least there are good guys out there like Brett and Scooter.

  8. He should be ashamed of himself. If he is above talking to fans, doing the PR for his band, he is in the wrong business and should get out. But he doesn’t have to, because he will go down the toilet of obscurity because this attitude doesn’t sell records.

    Good on you for writing the truth about him.

    • I knew you’d understand! It would have been hard for me to let this go without writing something. Some of these young bands, the members are so cool and sweet – APPRECIATIVE. I don’t know, my experience with Jonny Craig made me yearn for the days of Scooter Ward!

  9. I partied with him one night this summer, he wasn’t bad at all in fact he actuall was engaging most of the conversation, it wasn’t he first time I met him though, I’ll admit he’s kind of a dick especially cause he made me ask him twice, but I have a stripe in my hair and where glasses, and by some fuckin miracle he remembered me….it made me kinda cry because I know that evr happenening again is like haleys comet or the apocolypse…I’m just going to shut up now(;

  10. The motherfucker made me ask him twice to take a fucking picture
    how many times does take before he accepts a blow job? WTF?

  11. i met jonny and he was a complete asshole as well. i waited 20 minutes earlier to get to be first in line, when really i was fourth, i also bought him a hat from the stand i work at in seaside. it’s a white new jersey one to show him how some appreciation. now when i met him i thought he would be so sweet (considering the fact that he’s unattractive, a ginger, and has a mullet). he signed my poster for me and my shirt, then stared up at me and i gave him the hat. he didn’t say anything. no sign of a thank you or any appreciation. he just stared at me. will sowers said thank you for him and how nice the hat was. i felt like shit how he treated me. the kid russel who stood behind me ( he was from england) agreed that he was a prick. i regret wasting my time on that line and all the time waiting at the ernie ball stage to see him. i want to puke when i hear his voice now. i gave the emarosa poster to a close friend because the way jonny acted really offended me.

    • First of all, thank you for sharing your story with me!

      I’m so sorry that you had a bad experience too. I want so badly to believe that he’s not a dick and I try not to let it affect how I feel about his music. But that line is so fine and easily blurred. It bugs me that he’s so different on stage, telling everyone he loves them and to come see him after the show. But then we do and look at how we’re treated. It would be different if he was like, I don’t know, Bert McCracken on stage. Because then I think we would expect him to be a douche to us and it probably wouldn’t be so much of an issue.

      I almost want to try and meet him one more time, so i can ask him point blank what the fuck his problem is, lol.

    • is this the hat you’re talking about? lol.


        & yeah i hate him so much now. he ruined concerts for me. i’ve been to three concerts since then and i honestly was forced to go. it’s just the idea of someone being that cruel.

    • i was actually really afraid of him when i saw him walking alone at Warped Tour Camden BECAUSE i had heard such mean things about him!! it was still pretty early so i guess he kinda blended in with everyone else, but i spotted that hair and that swagger lol so my friend went up to him and asked if i could get a pic with him cuz i really loved his music. he said “of course”, leaned in, put that freckled arm around my shoulders, and made me the happiest girl in the world :) he also signed my shoulder and later held my hand during Emarosa’s set. im not saying that he’s an angel, i just think he has his days like everyone else…

      that doesn’t excuse how he treated you though. i’m sorry you didn’t meet the jonny i met :(

  12. For the last 4 years, I have been obsessed with this dude. I thought he was god!!! I waited 3 1/2 hrs to watch him perform today. He admitted he was drunk and i could tell by the way he moved on stage. He seemed less involved in his lyrics.. I was kind of dissappointed. His enthusiasm on stage was definitely lacking.. the previous bands whom i have never even heard of and way more energy and caught my attention.. Jonny on the other hand. The show was over and I was about to walk out of the venue when I saw him at his merch table. I walked up to him trying to get his attention; I finally got up to him and was starstruck..but quickly faded. I asked for a hug and he made it seem like i asked him for money… He threw his arms around me reluctantly and I said he was f*cking awesome.. no reply.. no thanks not even a laugh.. he was lifeless… Ive met band members before but this was memorable in a bad way.. I have a bad taste in my mouth now.. anyone want my CD???

    • Aha.. He is a dick. I have been listening to him for years. I have been trying my hardest to get a chance to hear him perform. I went to warped tour yesterday, and Dance Gavin Dance was playing. They hadn’t gone on yet. But my friend had a concussion, and got hit in the head by somebody who was crowd surfing. So we decided to leave early for her sake. On our way out I took a quick glance and thought I saw Johnny Craig. And I did. I broke my neck like 3 or 4 times making sure it was him before I embarrassed myself and spoke. It was him. I wasn’t like hyper or anything. I calmly said “Hey, you’re Johnny Craig!” With a smile. He just yeah “ughh Yeah.” I told him that I had been a fan for years. And I was wondering if I could get a picture. He ignored me. His friend asked me for a menthol cigarette. I gave him my LAST ONE. He sat there for a little bit. Whispered something in his friends ear. Grabbed his bottle of alcohol, took a swag, Stood up.Told me he would be right back, and walked away. I stood there and talked to two of his friends, they said hell be back, and that he wouldn’t just leave them there like that. So I waited like ten minutes. And decided I to leave because I knew he ditched.. just so that he didn’t have to take a picture. And HE LEFT TWO GIRLS THERE WITH ME, THAT WERE HIS FRIENDS. I felt like he spit on me almost.

  13. Jc is probably the biggest douche I’ve ever met. Even his band mates hate him. If you don’t suck his dick, he isn’t interested in speaking to you. His voice will only get him so far because his personality blows.

  14. Yeah same here. When I Saw him I have to admit he was really good. but Arrogant. at the end of the gig. the rest of the band came to the front of the stage to talk. I talked to the drummer for a while who was really nice. but Jonny walked of grabbed to bottles of beer and walked off. some people seemed pretty dissapointed. And anyway. atleast he left the band now. in some way is good but bad cause no one could replace his voice. But at the same time. he’s a proper dick so I’m more happy then sad hhaa

    check my band out though. http://www.myspace.com/themarmozets
    Got a new Album out on myspace. Please cehck it out

    • I saw him again after I wrote this – it was when Emarosa were on Warped last summer. It was so painful for me, because he is such a great singer, arguably one of the best in the scene right now, but seeing him on the side of the stage before they went on, acting all sleazy in his gross trucker hat and jean shorts, ew it just made me feel angry. It takes a lot for me to separate the person from the music, in order for me to still be able to enjoy it.

      Just watched the video for “Lives.” You guys are fantastic! Thank you for sharing that with me. Please come to Pittsburgh!

  15. I’ve had both good and bad experiences with him. The first time I met him, he was at the merch booth, and I asked him to sign my wrist band, he didn’t really say anything and just did it. I then said something like “Can I have a picture, or are you too famous for that shit?”
    He actually sounded pretty kind when he replied “Nah, we’re doing that after the show.” So, I felt pretty bad for being a douche to him first off. BUT, his band had already finished playing, and most everyone was still in the other room watching BMTH, so it would have been more conveinient for him to take a picture with me then, than wait until everyone was mobbing him. So, I just waited til the show was over, and at that point, he was nowhere to be found. =/

    The second time, he was pretty high energy on stage, grabbing all the audiences hands. He even snagged my glasses from me. He returned them, though. But, he seemed like he was having a good time. I didn’t really approach him this time, but the performance was alot better. He didn’t come onto the stage wobbling all over the place like last time. He actually walked on stage with a beer in one hand, mic in the other. lol

  16. WOW! I honestly cant belive what Im hearing I’ve taken time out of my life to tell people how great this guy is and what an amazing voice he has. Im a 16 year old from South, Texas and I thought he would be better than the assholes that make up The Word Alive , because of the words that make up his lyrics. In his earlier work with Dance Gavin Dance he uses the words thievery, cavalry and chivalry; words that originated in the medieval times.

    • I wish it wasn’t true, too. I adore the guy’s voice and talent, but his attitude and addictions kill it for me. This whole debacle with him scamming his fans really pushed me over the line. I hope after his recent stint in detox that he’ll be able to stay in line, but I’m not getting my hopes up. :(

  17. Hey I honestly like what you have done with this website and I was wondering if you could use any more writers? Well if you are please email me my name is Chace Robinson and well im a 16 year old inspiring to be a writer of some sort.:)

  18. stfu all of you. Jonny is great, point motherfucking blank!

      • You have the audacity to write that when you wrote a blog post about how much you hate Jonny? Heck, you even updated it in 2014. You are the one’s who mad and I’m laughing, so thanks for that.

    • Jonny isn’t modest at all he told me to get out of there and said i was disgusting for having a hair on my shirt. If it weren’t for his fans he wouldn’t have money for his drugs (not marijuana). Will Swan is a badass he wasn’t rude at all when jonny said that he shook his head and sighed at him and signed it any ways, so did the rest of the band. Dance Gavin Dance is my favorite band ever biggest influence in my life, but To hear that shit pisses me off. He doesn’t deserve the spotlight he’s in.

  19. Crickey. Where to begin with this one?

    For starters, I’ve just recently discovered Jonny Craig through a posting on Window Live Messenger. I only listen to one song; What I Would Give To Be Australian – and it’s my jam. Haha.

    Because I’ve recently discovered him, only listen to one of his songs (have yet to listen to others), and don’t really blur the line between an artist and their products, I’m not taking this news personally.

    HOWEVER, that’s not to say that I don’t understand where you lot are comin’ from. I grasp the concept of the blurred line in music – though I don’t follow the same policy. I believe the original poster said that his music had helped/spoken to her during a low-point in her life. So, of course she’s going to ‘bleed’ both sides of the ‘spectrum’. In other words: It’s not a surprise, nor an alien idea that she’d blended the music with its creator. On a personal note, it doesn’t really do anything to me; I’m not an actual ‘fan’ of his, never been to his concerts or a “Warped Tour” (whatever that means), and only listen to one of his songs as of the time this was written (see above). But, in an ethical sense, it disappoints me to know that he has not only regarded his fans as insignificant on numerous occasions, but that he’d may or may not have had something to do with scamming a tonne of the same fans who he may or may not have had a horrible encounter with based on his own accord.

    All I’m saying is: Jonny Craig, if what these girls are saying is true, you have some serious work to do. The original poster mentioned an already-low number of fans at your ‘merch booth’ (again, not exactly in the world of celebrities and the like so forgive the lack of term knowledge), as well as asking these same fans that you allegedly made the objects of poor treatment to spend their hard-earned monies on t-shirts for YOU TO WEAR.

    As for the girls (all of ’em) who had posted their experiences with the celeb in-question, I apologise for what happened to you. But, these things happen. It’s why I don’t consider myself a “fan” of anyone/anything – because fame is taken the wrong way, and it surely does become toxic over time.

    • Really appreciate that you took the time to leave your thoughts on this, Clarence!

      It’s been about 2 years now since I wrote this, and three since I had my first in-person encounter with Jonny. I still waver back and forth about my feelings on him, but it’s true that at the end of the day, it’s his contribution to the music scene that got me to like him in the first place, not his blistering personality and dismal attitude. I’ve seen him several times since I last wrote this piece on my blog, with Emarosa and also Dance Gavin Dance, and I have come to terms with the fact that this is not a guy I will ever try to approach again. I will continue enjoying his voice and the music he produces with his various bands and solo projects, but I will in no way idolize him or act like he’s anything above the rest of us or worthy of the adulation he gets from young girls.

      My only concern is that the way he treats people and himself is going to wind up getting him blacklisted from the music industry, and that would be a shame because Jonny does have an ungodly amount of talent.

  20. Jonny craig is a piece of shit. I met him yesterday at the Dance Gavin Dance signing and he was a fucker. He was definitely was high as a kite (not on marijuana). If i ever see him in person I’m going to beat the shit out of him. That’s my number 1 goal right now.

    • This comment made my day.

      You know, I wrote this nearly 2 years ago and only one person in those 2 years has left a comment defending him. Love the dude’s music, hate his attitude.

      • yeah the music is good but if it weren’t for the modest ones in the band and their skills he wouldn’t be where he is today. he wouldn’t sign my shirt because it had a hair on it, personally i didn’t want his autograph in the first place because I knew he probably did a line right before signing. Will swan should just slap him up hahaha

  21. wow… well congrats on the daughter though.. at least you have a wonderful person in your life :/

  22. Why the fuck does he need to give respect to YOU? Hes the on going up there every night and putting his soul on the line. He doesnt need to give anyone respect, but to be honest my experience with Jonny Craig was NOTHING like this.

    • Glad to hear you had a better experience.

    • Mr. Vasquez,

      First of all… why should Jonny Craig or any other entertainer show respect for their LOYAL and DEDICATED fans??? Oh, I don’t know… maybe because it’s OUR ticket and merch purchases that keep them fed and able to make a fucking living? The writer of this blog STILL, even with this experience buys/knows everything Jonny Craig related BECAUSE she appreciates his soul-spilling lyrics and vocals. He is an amazing singer, but Thomas, he is still a HUMAN who should show respect to ALL people, especially the people who are such faithful followers/fans of his career.

      Your hateful response to an HONEST post about a bad experience shows why you and he got along so swimmingly. You are BOTH douches.

  23. I’m glad someone else agrees that he’s a huge dick. A few friends and I ran into him at Warped Tour a couple years ago and he was just a total dick.

  24. This seems to be more of an anger release article than a legitimate take on Johnny’s character.

  25. Hey Mason… go suck Johnny’s balls some more. This was HER experience, you douche. You make your own judgment.

    P.S yes she is so angry that she had a Johnny Craig Christmas tree.

  26. I know this is old and I didn’t read through all the comments but I understand why you’d be upset, I would be too. He WAS drunk according to what you said, and a lot of people say he’s a dick. You also have to remember at that point he was on drugs so he probably didn’t even realize he was like this lol. Hopefully now that’s he’s gone to rehab and trying to better his life he’ll be nicer to fans, I know he’s letting people write letters and he’s signing things and sending them back in the mail for free so I guess that’s a step in the right direction. Hopefully one day you’ll be able to meet him again and see if he’s kinder now :)

  27. I also know this is old, but this:
    “When I sat back down, Alisha – who had been within earshot – said something to the effect of, “Are you fucking kidding me?” I just shrugged and said, “I don’t have time to care. The fucking Penguins are playing tonight.”
    is quite easily one of the best things ever written hahaha.

  28. I love you.
    Whoever you are, you deserve a following that people dream of.

  29. Was Will Swann a dickhead as well?


  31. I’ve only just found this and it made my day. I’ve met him a couple of times and he was a drunken mess EVERY TIME. He was hitting on my friend who is stunning and dare I say it out of his league and 30, she ain’t some fan girl groupie, he was literally slobbering on her. The whole situation was embarrassing especially when he got really shitty and rude when she made it clear she wasn’t interested.
    I went to both the shows in London where DGD played different albums through each night, he was complete joke. He spent the last night pretty much stumbling around and looking back stage to a girl who he fallen in love with…the day before. Jon Mess was holding him up by the end of the set.
    That grimy fuck won’t be getting another penny of my money,
    I get that everyone has off days and it must be difficult when you’re feeling shitty and everyone wants a piece of you but you know what that comes with the job, suck it up and be nice. Manners and courtesy don’t cost anything.

    • Hey man,

      Thank you for taking the time to share your opinion. I was wondering if being clean & sober would change his attitude toward his fans, but to be honest, I just haven’t cared enough to find out. I saw his solo show last year but purposely didn’t go see him the last two times he was in Pittsburgh because it’s just not worth it to me anymore. I hope for his sake that he really is bettering himself and that he can stop disappointing the people who buy his merch and albums and support him when he’s on tour.

      That being said, I do have interest in finding out how this whole Slaves band thing is going to play out, and if he is even capable of being in a band again. I also think it would benefit him greatly if he stopped oversharing everything on the Internet, because that whole drama he’s embroiled in currently with his ex-fiance is gross. :(

  32. I’ve only recently become aware or Jonny Craig, and have read that the runner-up om X-Factor Australia (a couple of years ago maybe?) stated he was her vocal idol. It’s easy to see why. Man can this little ginger douche sing. He doesn’t even need to work on the songs with the bands in the writing process. He just goes in sudios and sings over the prerecorded track. That being said…

    Clearly this is a person who suffers from far worse than addiction. I know what addiction is like, I’m currently trying to beat my own alcohol addiction. However, I don’t make my relationship issues public (ever), I’m not a horrible human being who treats people like trash when sober, and I made it a point to drink away from people to intentionally avoid behaving toward others like an idiot.

    I’m not sure there’s “help” for this guy, which is sad because he will get shunned by the industry and vocal talent like his does NOT just fall off of trees. I’m very sorry to all of you who have had the misfortune of being disappointed by this arrogant imbecile who clearly can’t see that he’s throwing a gift I’d do anything to have completely away. Can’t see it or more tragically, he may not even care. Sorry you had to actually meet Jonny Craig, OP, you’d have been better off just knowing the voice.

  33. I had read about his ass hole ways, but I guess I wasn’t gonna believe it til it happened to personally. And I honestly didn’t think it would, but it did. He seriously has the mentality/maturity of a high school freshman and even that is being kind! I had seen a couple of his tweets being a dick head back to people when they weren’t kissing his ass, so I felt the urge to say something not thinking anything about it. He has quite a bit of followers, what was the chance he would see my tweet? But he did. I said something along the lines of “@jonnycraig4L (ridiculous twitter name btw) is so talented but an ego like that will get you NO where. #shame) boom I guess shots were fired lol. He retweeted it. I was thinking, oh shit already in my head. Immediately fans started attacking me. I replied to some if I thought they had a point, but mostly just ignored them. Probably 10 or 15 minutes had went by & and I get a tweet from Jonny to me and this guy saying “wtf is wrong with ur face lol” and of course we both replied back “who” then he said “her lol” Ugh. I was extremely disappointed and let down. The fact that he would stoop that low to insult me when I slightly criticized him is outrageous. And my face is fucking fabulous. ;) That just proved how truly insecure he is. Can’t wait to see what happens with “Slaves” they all seem to have pretty big egos. The worst part is I still don’t hate his music. Just his personality. Grr.

  34. Bro fuck u Jonny Craig is my inspiration my everything I look up to him and I come across this!?!?! Bro I hate u even though I don’t know u, I’m a die hard Jonny Craig fan!

    • Bro, let this be a lesson in life! Everyone is entitled to an opinion, bro! Oh no! Hate away, bro!

      (FWIW I still love his voice but not him as a person. I have learned to separate the two in order to enjoy the music. Hopefully he stays sober forever.)

  35. He’s a total fuck, i agree with you completely. It pains me to hate him due to his lovely voice but he is a horrible person.

  36. Still a self righteous asshole and definitely still not clean and sober. Him and his other egotistical white rapper were so loaded at their show in Florida. I made a solid effort to not meet him (because he’s an obvious douche) so I wouldn’t have a negative association with his music. Him and his no talented rapper friend, some how thought I was being rude to them (still have no idea why) and proceeded to try a physically fight me in from of the venue. As any other normal person, that doesn’t have their head filled with air, I was like what the fuck, ging you got the wrong person. After all my friends and I ( who are all big dudes in the military ) told him to back the fuck off, they bought me a beer. Certainly a kind gesture, I’m not hard to ease over. HOWEVER, they proceeded to try and ask my wife to join them in their creeper van to smoke black tar. He’s a loser and so is his rapper friend that never changes his outfits.

  37. Ps. Sorry about the spelling errors. Wrote it in a hot minute and auto correct obviously doesn’t work in my favor.

  38. My wife is a very beautiful woman we have been married 10 years… When we go to concerts and we meet the bands they are almost always respectful. Jonny Craig was the exception, He thinks he is God’s gift to women. So he obviously tried to sleep with her. The music he makes is subpar. (I have to give credit where credit is due) it is only made tolerable by his voice. My wife laughed at him and we just got out of there.People who have shown the utmost respect have been Claudio from Coheed and Cambria. Also we met Craig Owens outside a club, we had never actually heard Chiodos at that point (this has been years ago) we talked to him for hours before they went on stage, we were blown away by how genuine he was and a hell of a nice guy. I say that to say this. It is always the nobodies who are indecent and rude, Jonny was probably the worst and the second worst was Vanilla Ice’s Drummer (I know right) just completely tried to sleep with my wife with me right there.

  39. I totally remember being at this show. Goddamn, nostalgia! No longer in Pitt but I miss the city. Don’t remember much of the show, unfortunately, was too goddamn drunk.

  40. Oh lord… I’m seeing him, Kyle Lucas and Travis Garland in a few weeks. I was so hyped (still kind of am) but this makes me nervous!! I hope he’s changed since this lol

    • I personally still don’t like him, but I did write this a loooong time ago and admittedly never bothered trying to approach him again, so I can’t speak for how he is nowadays. I hope you enjoy the show! In the end, it really is all about the music ;)

  41. It’s been nearly a decade and this made me giggle. He is beady eyed.

  42. I just remember seeing him on isanyoneup.com and thinking he was so gross.
    Later on, I ended up really loving his voice.
    I’ve heard he is a total douche though.
    Sorry you had to deal with that.

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