Aug 172008

Chooch is obsessed with my shoes. He takes them all out of my closet, strews them around, admires them, then rearranges them. Sometimes the occasional pair call out to him and he feels obliged to try them on.

My brother Corey went through this phase.

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He didn’t grow out of it until he was thirteen. (As far as I know – he might be hording an impressive moonlight stiletto collection.)

The sad thing is that I feel like he walks in these ones with more grace than I do. I know, I know, not much of a feat.

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His legs are screaming for a garter.

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  16 Responses to “Tart in Training”

  1. he is so freakin’ cute…

    also, you have fantastic taste in shoes.

    but- we all already know this. :)

  2. OK, perfect Halloween costume time. He can go as Frank from Rocky Horror!

    Great shoes, btw.

  3. I love how he’s pointing to them in the first picture. Kids always seem obsessed with their parents’ shoes… I think you should hang some necklaces on him too, maybe a sweet little handbag, then send him out to wherever Henry is and freak him out.

    Also, those are fabulous shoes!!!

    • What is UP with that?? All of my friends thought my younger brother was going to come out one day because he was obsessed with parading around in my clothes. Hopefully, Chooch won’t go any further than the shoes, lol.

      And thanks! They’re cheapo Mossimo shoes because I’m jobless:(

  4. this entirely made my day :D

    cute shoes, btw!

  5. Thank god Tyra got her first tranny this season for Top Model or she’d be banging on your door.

    Bugbear went through this phase, so did Dylan, but he goes for the clothes, too, which is a little scary.

    I love how he’s pointing down at the shoes, too. When he really starts to talk, you have GOT to do voice posts so we can hear what he thinks about life.

  6. He is adorable!! Little feet clomping all over the place in your shiny shoes…so cute.

  7. Oh man, those are awesome shoes. Wow. And Chooch is quite the looker too :)

    Oh, and I got my fab painting for the husband. He is suitably impressed. Thanks!

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