Nov 012007

I have one last paper to write for my Creative Non-fiction class and it’s the memoir. This is tough because I feel like it’s really easy to churn out a bunch of sentences strung together, forming one big feculent cliche.

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And evading that is something I’m not sure I’m able to accomplish.

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So instead of writing about some terrible tragedy that served as a monolithic turning point in my life, I’m taking the light-hearted route and writing about a cherished memory that consists of:

1. One weekend in Philly with a girl I only knew for 2 days

2. A gothic chatroom

3. Having an eyebrow ring surgically removed

4. This picture:

This guy made me feel so uncomfortable. Can you tell?

I’m excited to write it because this is a story that’s never seen the light outside of my vacation journal.

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Halloween revelry coming soon!

Say it don't spray it.

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