Jan 102012








I’m having so much fun making these things! So many more to come.

I was going to write about roller skating, but Lee is on late shift tonight, distracting me with tales of how he used to beat up Juggalos, and now we’re listening to the Penguins game.

I guess my new seat isn’t too bad.

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[Ed.Note: The Juggalo rant is still going strong. Lee asked me to remind him how it even came up and I said, “Because you asked what Henry does for a living and I said he distributes Faygo. BLAME HENRY.”]

  3 Responses to “More Blog Promo Cards”

  1. lmao! I love my title :D

    I didn’t know there was a juggalo rant going on! All this time I missed out on faygo clown jokes? *cry*

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