Jan 122012

I was sitting here watching “Friends” (I have a rough life) when I heard the UPS man drop a package between the front doors, at which point I then heard a tinny Spanish children’s song cue up. I thought it was the UPS man’s cell phone and started to laugh, but when I opened the door to get the package, I realized it was coming from inside the box.

Whatever it was, I loved it already.

And then, from within the box, I pulled out the most amazing APPLE DOLL.



Jesus, I love it so much. Thank you, Andrea and Amanda! Marcy loves it too!

(Someday I’ll remember to hold my phone horizontally.)


  3 Responses to “I GOT AN APPLE DOLL!!!”

  1. lol at that video with marcy.. y me gusta la espanol jajaja muy comica… MaNzAnAs

  2. Ive never seen anything so horrifying yet adorable. I just love the song so much!!!

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