Aug 222008

Urgent. Will die without reading.

  • 19:19 We’re missing a can of garbanzo beans and Henry is about ready to put their picture on a milk carton. Let it go, Henry.
  • 20:45 When I asked henry if I look like a mom, he said “no. And sometimes you don’t even act like one”
  • 21:17 Fuck the church across from my house. Jesus promised me carnivals, Bingo and baked sales, none of which that asshole St Pius provides.

  • 09:35 Omg I’m going to miss the Olympics. So much that I didn’t even get mad when there was a country song playing during the highlights.
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  • 12:24 – From Tuesday, post-hair appt. Oh, memories.
  • 13:42 Someone please tell me the trick to swallowing a vitamin without a puke epilogue. Taking it with food doesn’t help. SOS, ya’ll.

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  12 Responses to “Vitamin-deficient tweets”

  1. crush the vitamin up in applesauce.
    that’s what they do for cats too.
    only not applesauce.

    you’re so pretty, btw.

  2. Lucia is doing my hair for the wedding…should I be scared?

    I think your hair looks absolutely adorable! I just remember you writing way back in the day that she makes your hair BIG. I dont like BIG!

  3. haha, you were right. that is so scene hair.

  4. I love the hair.

    Can you stomach Flintstone’s vitamins? Two of those are equivilent to an adult vitamin.

  5. Love your hair! Pretty, you :)

    As for the vitamins, I cheat. I take kids’ vitamins: Flintstones, the gummy ones, the gumballs. I hate swallowing any more pills than I have to; shit, it took me my whole lifetime thus far to figure out how to do it without choking most of the time (and applesauce is STILL my crutch).

    • Thanks, lady!

      I hate hate hate vitamins! Even if I take it with food like the bottle says, I can guarantee that within five minutes I’m going to puke, or come very close to it.

  6. “We’re missing a can of garbanzo beans and Henry is about ready to put their picture on a milk carton. Let it go, Henry.”

    *cracking up*

    Your hair is so pretty!! Yours will at least have some style to it for the wedding, unlike my Marcia Brady do!

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