Aug 232008


For today’s day trip to Saltsburg (totally lame, btw)  I wore the Bela Karolyi (Yeah, he said it) t-shirt I made. We stopped for lunch at Dean’s Diner, a place where all the waitresses wore white scrubs and clung to their beloved crimped hair fad, and I delighted in the fact that some of the seated diners were eyeing up my shirt as I walked to our table.

Afterward, as a waitress rung us up, she squinted at my shirt and then asked, “I guess that’s someone I should know, but don’t?” So I had to explain it and she was like, “Oh OK. That’s cool. Exercising his freedom of speech, I guess, huh?

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” but my special CIA-coveted ability to hear thoughts told me that she was wondering if I was on a psych ward field trip. Blake, who was standing beside the only person in the world lame enough to create a t-shirt in honor of some aging gymnastic coach, probably lost about 2738994 scene points just by association. Poor Blake — and he just started wearing girl jeans!

Later on, we stopped at Pat Catan’s to pick up supplies for that fucking card business that is slowly crushing my will to live.

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As I was paying, a woman in another line turned around and sized up my shirt. Then she looked over at Henry before returning her hardened soccer mom gaze at my chest. I’m pretty sure she thought it was a photo of Henry splayed across my tits. Because I’m totally that kind of broad.

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  16 Responses to “Yeah, I Wore It”

  1. Bela used to creep me out when he pawed his little girls during the Olympics I used to watch in the 80’s, but I love how he just says what he wants.

    Your hair is awesome. Kind of Terri Nunn at the bottom, I like that. It’s very soft around your face though, really looks nice.

    • Thank you so much! Usually when I get a semi-drastic change, I never like it enough to get it done again the next time. But I did this twice in a row so I guess it’s grown on me!

      Bela was definitely one of the highlights for me during these Olympics – I’m so glad they gave him so much air time!

  2. I would TOTALLY wear a Henry t-shirt out in public!

    You are so beautiful, Erin. I wish I was un-lazy enough to have an actual hairdo.

  3. i wish you *were* wearing a henry shirt. that would be so hot.
    however, you look darling with this hair AND this shirt, so it is equally as hot as a henry shirt might be!

  4. first of all… that shirt is the BEST SHIRT in the world.

    2ndly- you’re the most gorgeous girl in the world.
    on the real. damn.

  5. I would wear a t-shirt with YOUR face on it. People would probably think I was gay though. But could they blame me? YOU TURN GIRLS GAY.

  6. Ah, Bela. He rules!

  7. Would kill to look like you.

    My husband probably would kill for me to look like you, too.

  8. “I’m pretty sure she thought it was a photo of Henry splayed across my tits. Because I’m totally that kind of broad.”

    *cracking up* I would wear a Henry shirt. Totally.

    Your new hair is so pretty!!!!

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