Aug 262008

So I was interviewed for today’s spot over at Etsy Spotlight On. Go check it out!

  11 Responses to “Interview Thingie”

  1. awesome! <3

  2. you’re the bestest!

  3. Ooh, look. You got famous!

  4. Oh wow Erin! Good for you! I’m going to tell all my friends so they can see how cool and amazing you are. :)

  5. “…and being inappropriate.”


  6. Big congrats!! =D

  7. That is really fuckin cool!! congratulations. also, i don’t think i’ve ever actually heard someone use the word hellion, next time provide me with a thesaurus dammit!

  8. That’s cool! I’m a day late and a dollar short, as my grandma used to say, but I’m glad it’s still up. :)

    You deserve to be recognized; you rock!

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