Sep 012008

Urgent. Will die without reading.

  • 15:08 Blake, the responsible big brother, told Chooch that Windex tastes like rainbows. Naturally, he wants to drink it now. #
  • 15:11 Maybe we can get Henry to buy into the new taste sensation. #
  • 16:43 Hi I should not be this nervous for someone else’s wedding!!!! #
  • 16:58 Drove past bar I used to go, suggested christina take blake & chooch there tonite. She said “maybe we’ll find someone u gave a blowjob to” #
  • 20:03 My wedding goggles make Henry look handsome. #
  • 20:04 I swear alyson and hector were doing a silent interpration to that Dirty Dancing song but alyson says no. #
  • 20:13 I complained that Henry never kisses me in public and then when he tried I screamed NO!!! #
  • 20:14 And yes I eat my cupcake with a spoon. Less calories when you pretend its a grapefruit. #
  • 20:28 We got evicted from our table so ppl coulkd dance, yet no moves are being busted, and now I have elderly ass in my face. #
  • 20:54 Henry knew exactly which girl I was going to crush on before I even had a chance to point her out. #
  • 20:59 Henry looks sleazy taking pictures of girls when meanwhile they’re for me. #
  • 21:01 Sounded to me like hector said something about looking for arabian drugs. I’m going with him. #
  • 21:17 That girl’s lucky she didn’t go in the bathroom alone. #
  • 21:35 Me: do u want to dance? Henry: not to the Cure. #
  • 22:06 Some guy looked at me and Hector is polishing his brass knuckles. It is, in a word, awesome. #
  • 23:27 Weddings render my spelling skillz powerless. POWERLEZ. #
  • 00:06 – Remember when henry was really hungry #

  • 12:23 – Lost my son to a biker gang #
  • 15:10 Henry said andy roddick is a hottie. #  
  • 17:50 Quite possibly worst day I’ve had in months. #
  • 21:19 I am unsure if Sunday August 31 could be any more psychotic. #
  • 09:50 Had a flashback to the gross oatmeal I had at Eat n Park yesterday. #

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  3 Responses to “Wedded Tweets”

  1. “Lost my son to a biker gang”

    Well, at least it was to a biker gang with nice bikes. Right? Right?

  2. all i’m going to say is…
    less than 3.

  3. “20:28 We got evicted from our table so ppl coulkd dance, yet no moves are being busted, and now I have elderly ass in my face.”


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