Mar 152012

Sometimes instead of writing on here, I just really want to share music. Not only does my Twitter friend Richie love to hate the same hockey teams as me, he’s also in a really amazing band called Diamond Dancer. I love them so much and periodically drop him hints about coming to Pittsburgh.

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(PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!) Maybe someday Richie will let me conduct one of my lame interviews on him.

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You know you love reading the awkwardness that is Erin interviewing someone.

I just want to lay in the cemetery on a beautiful spring day and listen to this song on repeat. Henry may or may not be invited.

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[Interested in hearing more? Go here!]

  One Response to “Diamond Dancer: Musical Interlude”

  1. Somehow this songs reminds me of my middle school evenings at the skating rink. I want a cup of pickle juice now.

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