Apr 042012


Best back of a head EVER!!! I found out today that she gave her plants to someone here to take care of in her absence. Thank god she knew better than to ask me.

Oh my god, it’s been way too long. Now I don’t have to make idle conversation with Glenn anymore!


I spent most of work last night printing out photos of Bill Paxton to use as desk decorations.

It’s amazing how many times this exact exchange happened here yesterday:

Them: Who is that?
Me: Bill Paxton.
Them: ?
Me: “Twister.”
Them: Ohhhhh.

These are probably the same people who believed Henry really did propose to me on April Fool’s Day.


Henry even picked up a box of cupcakes for her from Vanilla Pastry Studio and I only made ONE topple over on my way to work. What a great day!

I am more than ready to hand over my newly-obtained popularity and go back to being a shrinking violet.  Being a flimsy Barb substitute has NOT been easy.

Go back to sending your complaints to Barb!

  6 Responses to “BARB IS BACK!!!”

  1. Who doesn’t know who Bob Paxton is? You should have said “Big Love” to people.

    Barb, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry I missed you today, but I did leave you a voice mail for your enjoyment! I’ll try to catch you tomorrow!

  2. Oh PISH-A, you guys! Bill Paxton reached Demi-God status way before all that nonsense with his “Ultimate Bad-ass” soliloquy from Aliens.

    I have an alter at which he and Bill Murray are quasi-worshiped together as the two almost holy Bills.

    Welcome back, Barb! We, the people under the internet’s stairs, missed you!

  3. Wait you guys, you’re forgetting Weird Science! Bill/Bob was hawt. :P

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