Apr 212012

At work the other day, I said out loud, “I wish I had a Jonny Craig doll.” This of course was met with tons of groans and low-grade mumbling.

But then I started googling, because YOU NEVER KNOW.

Well, there aren’t any Jonny Craig dolls out there, at least none that Google is aware of. But I did find a picture of Jonny with a doll, which I thought was just adorable. My friend Gina the Enabler suggested that I photoshop my face on the doll.


But damn, what I wouldn’t give for a plush Jonny Craig.

Any dollmakers out there? Just don’t put a needle in his arm; I don’t want to get pricked in my sleep.

  4 Responses to “A Jonny to Cuddle”

  1. There has to be someone who makes dolls like that, damn it. I like the photoshopped doll.

  2. What about Brandy? She is the master crafter!

  3. My friend makes dolls with fabric, very cool.
    Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll find some pictures for you. Email me.’

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