Apr 282012


Got to watch my brother Corey graduate from Pitt Johnstown this afternoon; not gonna lie: I got all choked up and cried several times.


“Slow learners,” said my corny dad.

My mom didn’t go, which is no surprise. I think the excuse she gave (2+ mths ago) was that she didn’t have anything to wear. Oh, OK.


Listening to all the outbursts and catcalls from parents in the stands as their kids took the stage to get diploma’d was yet another reminder of how different things have been for Corey and me: our lives have been woefully remiss of familial cheering.

How do you consciously miss the opportunity to encourage and support someone you love? I mean, I know I’m a “questionable parent” who supposedly wears “goth clothing” and takes pictures of her son in cemeteries, but I can’t imagine being such a shitty parent that I purposely miss Chooch’s graduation. Even if all I had was a potato sack to wear.

Corey and his girlfriend Danielle have identical laughs; it’s uncanny.

The one low point was when someone in front of me farted during commencements and there was literally nowhere to run.

I hope Corey knows how proud I am of him!

  4 Responses to “Congratulations, Corey!”

  1. Congratulations Corey!!!!! He’s so handsome there. You’re a great sister and friend. You always make people feel loved & special.
    That’s just ridiculously ignorant & selfish. Val sure is missing out on one of proudest moments a son/mom
    could have.

  2. Both you and Corey deserve so much better than what your family has offered, but that’s why it’s so great you guys maintain a pretty close relationship. You have each other. I can’t believe how time flies… Corey was like… a KID when I first met him. I know how proud of him you are, and he is lucky to have you.

    As far as motherhood goes… you love your child with every ounce of yourself, and want only the best for him. You are an awesome mom.

  3. Cemetery photo shoots and zombie walks are a hell of a lot less harmful than what your mom has done to Corey. It’s obvious how much you love Riley and that you’d do anything if it were in his best interest. You’re wonderful!

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